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MobileMe syncing of contacts, calendars, and bookmarks with iPhone, iMac, and iPad works great. Apple's note app on iPhone syncs great with iMac great via syncing cable. None of my notes synced to my iPad Apple notes. What do I need to do to sync the data among the 3 devices?

intel imac, Mac OS X (10.5.4), Iphone 3G, Airport Extreme, Universal Dock, Component Cable
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    I have MobileMe, .Mac to me, and thought it would sync everything through there but alas it doesn't.

    This is what I had to do...

    On the iPhone, sync it your iTunes on your Mac via the wire. Since I have everything sync (Contacts, Bookmarks, etc) through MobileMe and don't want duplicates I don't usually sync anything but Music/Movies through the wire sync. Once your device shows up in iTunes, click on it and under one of the tabs (I think it is the second one and right now I am away from my Mac using Windooze) towards the bottom it asks to sync Notes. Don't go the advanced section below that because there is a Notes checkbox there but I did not click on that. Force a sync. You will notice that your Notes in Mail and now on iPhone match. Half way there.

    Now "eject" your iPhone and plug in your iPad. Do basically everything from above, I just have it sync the Notes on the second tab as I don't want duplicates. On I force the Sync, all of the notes on the iPhone/iMac/iPad where all the same! I just wish Notes would sync through MobileMe! It would make it SOOOOOOO MUCH EASIER. ARE YOU LISTENING APPLE!!! Now if you have Notes on your iPad you want on the iPhone, you are going to have to go back and re-sync again with your iPhone.

    Let me know if that does or doesn't help, later when I amd at my Mac I will post what exactly tab and section. I spent most of yesterday trying to find an solution and this was the best I could come up with. I found a lot of Notes articles on the iPhone and syncing; none said MobileMe would do it. Kind of ***** as we pay a lot of MobileMe!
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    Hi. Thanks for the reply. I, too, wish MobileMe did syncing of notes. I've had no problem, though,
    with Itunes doing the syncing when there were only two devices--an imac and an iphone, for notes. I had neglected to select syncing notes on the Info tab when syncing my ipad, and they synced, now, just fine. I suspect I'm going to run into "problems" if I update a note and then update the same note with another change, without syncing before updates. Wouldn't I end up with a "conflict" where I have two versions, with wanted parts from both iphone and ipad, but that aren't in the same note? Maybe I'll just plan on doing all note updates on my ipad, and have a separate iphone use only note reminding
    me of what I updates I need to do on my ipad.......Thanks for your help.