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Since downloading 9.1, there are clicks and gaps when I play protected AAC songs on iTunes. Songs play fine with QuickTime player. When a protected song is played in 9.1, iTunes absorbs all available CPU.

I have followed all remediation steps in the apple.com support site including turning off sound enhancer, checking for driver updates, etc. I have also set buffering to maximum.

If I play an AAC protected song for more than a few seconds it becomes impossible to pause it and all other applications running freeze. This happens even when there are no other applications running . . . it is not a conflict problem with other applications. itunes absorbs whatever cpu there is left to take. Consistently using 60-90% of CPU w/ total CPU @ 100% constantly (when an AAC protected song is played).

iTunes works fine as long as the song is not protected.

I cannot find anything on the apple site to allow me to go back to 9.0. Why can't apple allow one to step back to the previour version? I am seriously looking at getting permanently off of iTunes. Each new release is harder to use and performs more poorly.

Compaq Presario F700, Windows Vista