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  • Flabyboy Level 1 Level 1
    I have had this happen to me about a dozen times over the last month. It has happened in ABC, safari and the native video app. Doesn't happen all the time. I just got off the phone with Apple. The gentlemen I spoke to said wait for the software update. I told him that was unacceptable and may I please speak with a supervisor. Now all of a sudden it's a hardware issue and I have to send it in for repair or replacement. Nice, right? The thing that really ***** is I am 3 hrs away from the nearest Apple store. I have about $50 worth of screen protectors and a nice skin on the back. Hopefully the fix it and don't send me an iPad plagued with wifi issues
  • Robert Worne Level 2 Level 2
    Just a followup:

    I took a trip to the Apple Store and after a demonstration and system restore they exchanged it for another (brown box) unit.

    The new one has racked up nearly 3 hours of video playback with issues so far.
  • ScottNet Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here. Playing any content from ABC results in a complete freeze after a few minutes. Netflix has not shown the problem yet. Neither has You Tube. I did a full restore as per recommendations from Apple Support. Still have the ABC freezing problems...actually it seems to freeze more frequently now. Tech support did tell me Apple was planning to release a patch for this problem in June (I'm assuming this includes a fix for the well known wi-fi problems). Since I purchased this thing mainly as a portable media player, I think I will be calling Support again and asking for a replacement.
  • Flabyboy Level 1 Level 1
    ^^^ I would replace it if I were you. I had to ask for a supervisor because the first guy blew me off. He was like if restore didn't work than you will just have to wait for a software update. The supervisor was much more reasonable
  • ScottNet Level 1 Level 1
    Just an update here...
    Called Apple Support again. Got the typical questions asking the obvious. Finally got a 'supervisor tech' on the phone. After more obvious questions and a lot of keyboard typing in the background, they agreed for an exchange. They're sending out a Fed Ex box for the exchange.
    I recommend everyone with this problem to post about and get an exchange. If there is a bad 'batch' of iPads out there the consumer deserves to know.
  • Stussydx Level 1 Level 1
    I just bought a brand new 64 GIG WIFI IPAD on May 22 and everytime i attempt to watch any sort of video let be it YOUTUBE, ABC APP ETC. The it freeze up and i have to do a hard reset in order to get it to work. I have tried resetting my Apple extreme router and still the problem continues. So it seems to me like a hardware or firmware issue. I will be taking it to Best Buy to see what they tell me.
  • KOHCJ Level 1 Level 1
    Hi all,

    Since Europe and Australia have launched their iPad, may I know the warranty in those countries? Is it limited warranty or international warranty? Do they accept the iPad which bought in US? Please update. Thanks
  • b3ta Level 1 Level 1
    Another to the list.

    I have had my 64GB iPad wi-fi only model for two days - it has frozen completely four times.
    Once playing the video preview of Steven Hawking's Universe TV Show via the iTunes app, and three times trying to play the movie trailer for Iron Man 2 via the IMDb app, once in standard mode, and twice in 720p mode.

    What do we do? Wait and hope this is software related, or try an exchanged unit and hope we get a good one? I'm not very pleased either way - the release it now fix it later approach companies are taking lately isn't much fun
  • Sylense Level 1 Level 1
    Add mine to the list as well.

    32GB WiFi iPad

    Locks up on streaming movies in the native YouTube app and even started locking up in the native Videos App. A reboot seems to solve the problem for a little bit, but it always comes back.
  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7
    Sylense wrote:
    Add mine to the list as well.

    32GB WiFi iPad

    Locks up on streaming movies in the native YouTube app and even started locking up in the native Videos App. A reboot seems to solve the problem for a little bit, but it always comes back.

    If your iPad is locking up while playing videos and requires a hard reset to come back to life then it has a hardware problem and needs to be replaced.

    Contact Apple support or visit your Apple store to resolve this.
  • b3ta Level 1 Level 1
    Just a little update - I filmed my iPad freezing - made a log of all the times, dates and apps I was using when it froze and took a link to this forum with me back to PC World - they said mine was the first iPad they've had returned - so hopefully this is just a freak manufacturing problem with a few iPads - anyway, I was fortunate and got a full refund - think I'll wait until Apple aknowledges an or rectifies this before I buy another one - I hate having to justify to the shops that the equiptment is faulty - it always seems to work when they try it!

    Good luck everyone,
  • szavo Level 1 Level 1
    I'm on my second iPad and am still having freeze issues--but less frequently. I've not been watching that much video, so not sure if it would happen more frequently with more video playback or not. Twice in the last month is bearable for now. But if it continues to freeze or freezes more frequently I will be taking this one back as well.
  • Clark H S Level 1 Level 1
    Add mine to the list. I only noticed it at first with YouTube and ABC player, but was then able to reproduce it just now on vimeo.
  • MoDeMK Level 1 Level 1

    I just got back from my vendor showing him the freeze of the iPAD live. He said he knews about this issue and he admits that this is an error on the production line especially for the first iPADs made. As I am in Bulgaria my vendor is an "importer" who works together with Apple Bulgaria.
    Concerning replacement he was pretty honest. He said that most of the devices he could offer me from his stock will have the same issue. They don't have the replacement-devices they have in the apple stores in U.S. or Europe (final release has not yet taken place in bulgaria). The replacement-devices apple gives to you in the apple stores are different from the ones you can buy.

    So he took the PAD and will give to Apple Bulgaria. He said they CAN FIX this via a software-fix.
    Although I started to doubt, because it was too contradictory (production line error <<>> software hotfix ?) I left my PAD to him. The manager of the store gave me his mobile number and he said he will call me in 3 to 4 buisness days.
    Despite the fact I am starting to miss my iPAD, I will wait and see what happens during next week.

  • Colt74 Level 1 Level 1
    I was also having issues with iPad freezing with video playback. Most often happened with streaming via the Air Video application and a little less frequently with YouTube. It also occasionally happened with the installed video player.

    I tried restoring as a new iPad etc. But the issue persisted. After perusing various boards I decided it was most likely a hardware issue. Long story short, I took it to the Apple store where they first told me I should expect this sort of thing with a new piece of hardware (which I thought was ridiculous), then they decided it really wasn't happening because YouTube played for 2 minutes while I was there (as if I would drive out there just for fun). Anyway, the squeaky wheel gets the grease (which is unfortunate) so they gave me a new one and it works perfectly after many hours testing. I should say that overall I've always been really impressed with apple support so hopefully others with this issue have a satisfactory resolution without the aggravation.

    Point is...I agree with other posters that there seems to be a hardware issue for some units.
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