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  • Hanson Jiang Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm posting this with a disclaimer: I claim absolutely no responsibility if anything goes wrong.  For this reason, I highly recommend that you contact Samsung directly. If anything goes wrong while attempting this update on your own (without a support ticket indicating that they sent you the update and instructions), they may not help you with a bricked printer.  Contact Samsung directly by phone: 1-800-726-7864


    If you understand the above and agree to take all responsibility in case anything goes wrong.. try this link:


    What I did:

    Connect printer directly via USB to a computer running Windows.

    Expand the zip archive.

    Drag the firmware file onto the updater application.

    The printer should receive the data and it'll take a little while for it to update and then restart (shouldn't be more than a few minutes).  Don't disconnect power or USB until the printer restarts properly.


    If you decide to call Samsung, let them know that many people have this problem and suggest that they post some official information about it.  They'll send you a firmware updater and specific instructions.

  • arker Level 1 (0 points)


    Many thanks for the firmware. Before using it as a last chance solution (because I don't want to take the risk to brick the printer), I want to test the print server possibility.


    Work fine with ethernet, but no connection while unplugged and tested via airport.

    And when tring to install via airport,  I got a -30886 error code. Can't find a meaning to this.


    Can anyone find a meaning to this or relate an happy issue with firmware update. Where the **** will I find a windows running system?

  • Mstack Level 1 (0 points)

    2 Years of headache gone thanks to you boys! I'm so happy! Yay! The updated firmware worked like a charm. I used Win 7 via VMware fusion to apply the update. Thank god! I stopped using this printer about this time last year due to the whole turn it off then on again to get it to print. Unfortunatly by that time I had stockpiled toner for the darn thing.


    You are my heros! Thank you a million times for your efforts!



  • RN Level 1 (35 points)

    I'm not a Windows specialist… Can you tell me where is exactly the firmware? Thank you for your answer.

  • larskrist Level 1 (0 points)

    What excatly does "Drag the firmware file onto the updater application" mean?

  • larskrist Level 1 (0 points)

    Could you share your enthusiasm with me? What did you do?

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    First post, just to pass on my fix for the Samsung printer problem under Snow Leopard.


    If you fire up Printer Settings, when doing more than one print job, just click "apply" after each print, and the printer will be reconnected.


    Good luck.

  • larskrist Level 1 (0 points)

    This is the answer I got from Samsung concerning the firmware update:


    Dear Lars,

    Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics.

    We understand that you would like to upgrade the firmware of your CLP-315 printer.

    We are sorry to inform that as of now there are no firmware updates available for your printer yet.

    However, we suggest you get back to us with the exact description of the issue which you are experiencing

    with your unit, so that we can assist you better.

    For confirmation on the issue, you can visit the link below:

    Thank you,

    Samsung Online Support.

    Follow Samsung Service on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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    I just tried Hanson's firmware update. Just a quick test sending two jobs in quick succession. Now, let's not jump to conclusion to quickly... it might be pure coincidence... but... IT WORKED!!!


    Man, you just made my day! Thanks a lot! I've waited so many months for this.

  • giannipen1968 Level 1 (0 points)

    I confirm the firmware update after everything is working perfectly thanks for the ultimate solution to Hanson Jiang


  • FTuijn Level 1 (0 points)

    Can someone please post a link to the Updater application?



  • FTuijn Level 1 (0 points)

    Its to easy! Thanks.

  • icerabbit Level 3 (770 points)

    Here's an interesting bit of information.


    I'm troubleshooting this for someone else who took delivery of a new MacBook Pro.

    (we have one of these too, but print to it wirelessly in a mixed environment - knock on wood no issue).


    Seems printing works fine over the USB2 cable, but smart panel has never worked on this new MacBook Pro.


    When you install the original it doesn't work. When you download the online version, it doesn't work. Of course that driver hasn't been updated in over a year, so isn't likely to solve a new issue.


    Since printer manufacturers typically have drivers that support multiple systems and recycle most of the work throughout their revisions ... I looked at the newest 325 model drivers. Anno 2011


    So using that smart panel installer the same non functional smart panel appears ... until you install the 325 driver which makes available a 320 series driver. Switch the driver in printer preferences and suddenly the smart panel opens now up.  Alas still no supply levels or other functionality, which is what is desired.


    It does popup a print window during printing.


    The firmware update sounds interesting, but didn't bring my windows laptop to troubleshoot a mac printer, an hour away from home ... does the firmware update resolve issues with the non-functional smart panel????

  • eji Level 1 (140 points)

    For the CLP-315W (the WiFi model!), the latest firmware is BT310W_V1.00.01.68, and it can be found here:


    According to the release notes, it fixes a paper jam issue (which has been the cause of my printing woes).


    I've chatted with, called, and e-mailed Samsung a number of times about whether or not it was safe to upgrade to this (apparently) non-advertised firmware. Last night they finally responded and said yes.


    But, knowing how incompetent Samsung is, I'm afraid to take them at their word. Could one of you brave souls with the "W" model of the CLP-310 series give it a try?


    And do these firmware upgrades really need the Windows updater? In the SyncThru service, which you can access by typing the local IP of the printer into your browser's URL bar, there's a firmware upgrade option under "Maintenance." Shouldn't this work as well as or better than the "usblist2.exe" method?