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I'm new to mac, and automator. I used the program successfully earlier this week to batch rename a large number of jpeg files. When I attempted the same action tonight I am getting the following warning/error:

The action "Make finder item names sequential" was not supplied with the required data.

If anyone could help me resolve this I would be very grateful.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Usually that error is caused by the action not receiving any input. This can be a result of a problem with the preceding action - what are the actions in your workflow?
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    That's it. I just want to rename the files, so that's the only action. It does ask if I want to start with a 'copy' action, but I don't want that, just to rename.

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    How are you getting the items to your workflow? Service? Dropping on the application? If you are using a folder action, check the setup to make sure everything is still enabled/attached.
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    Here is exactly what I do:
    Open Automator
    Choose workflow
    Under the available actions, I choose Rename Finder Items, and drag it into the right window. I select the options I want (Make finder items sequential, new name, add number after name with a space, start at 1 etc).
    I open the folder that holds the photos I want to rename. I select the photo files, drag them to the automator, and once they show up I click Run. That's when I get the warning. Here is what it says in the log:
    !Make Finder Item Names Sequential completed - 1 Warning
    !The action "Make Finder Names Sequential" was not supplied with the required data.
    (checkmark) Get Specified Finder Items completed
    !Workflow completed - 1 warning

    I then hit my head on the desk since I don't understand what that means, and email you.

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    Normally you would put something like *Get Selected Finder Items* action into the workflow (so that it can be used with whatever the current selection is), but dragging the items also works - do the items appear in a *Get Specified Finder Items* action immediately before the *Rename Finder Items* action?
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    no. The rename action is at the top of the 'stack', then the file items are listed below.

    I tried it again, with the items first, then the rename action. It worked! Awesome, and thanks so much for helping me out.
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    In Automator, the results from the first action are passed to the next, and so forth. Each individual action gets the items that are passed to it, does it's thing, then passes the results on to the next action.

    For things such as folder actions and applications, the system passes the items (dropped onto the folder or application) to the first action.
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    Thanks for the tip. This helped me as well.