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Have I got the basic idea of this font right?

When I select the "Timer" LiveFont in the library tab, the little animation (apparently) shows the letters cycling through random letters and finally coming to rest on the letter "A". So I'm assuming that, when applied, each letter in the word I've typed in the canvas will cycle through some random letters, and then one by one come to rest on the letters that spell out my word. Or at least, the font can be adjusted to do this. Is that it?

So, I type the word "Testing" in the canvas and then drag the "Timer" LiveFont onto the text and it changes to those great red LED segments and creates a 1 second clip. Until now I haven't changed the font's default values in the LiveFont Timing panel. So far so good. I now extend the clip to 10 seconds. But when I play it, all I see is the word "Testing" spelled out, in full. It just stays there until 2;09 when letters start disappearing until 2;22 when they're all gone.

Although the manual describes in detail all the parameters in the LiveFont Timing panel, nothing I've tried seems to get me anywhere close to what's promised in the preview animation.

I'm sure I'm making some bone-headed mistake (or omission, or assumption), but can anyone tell me what it is?

13" MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1), 4GB Ram, 320GB 7200 rpm HD
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    When you apply the LiveFont to your text layer, it shouldn't change the duration of the layer at all - I just tested it, and it remains 10 seconds for me.

    The text does disappear, though. To keep it on the screen, go to the Inspector, Text tab, Format pane - at the bottom is a LiveFont timing section (you may need to open it up). There, increase the Hold Last value to taste.
  • Lloyd Deane Level 1 Level 1
    I adjusted my default project duration 10 seconds. Using the text tool I type the word "caravan" into the canvas, then I drag the LiveFont "Timer" on to the word and it changes its appearance to the Timer font. But when press play, it just sits there. Zero animation.

    The same thing happens when I try the "Ribbon" LiveFont, and several others. Some work fine (e.g., Flip Count, Clerk) but I noticed that both Timer and Ribbon, and lots of other LiveFonts are duplicated in my library. One of them says Installed in the preview window, the other says Not Installed (neither works). It seems none of the duplicated LiveFonts work, but the non-duplicated LiveFonts work fine.

    Mark, are any of your LiveFonts duplicated? Anyone else have duplicated LiveFonts showing in their library?
  • Mark Spencer4 Level 5 Level 5
    I suspect you may only have the preview movies of your LiveFonts and not the fonts themselves installed, or they are in a location that Motion isn't seeing. You might consider reinstalling them.
  • Lloyd Deane Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the clue Mark. For anyone else facing a similar situation, here's what happened. I went to Library->Application Support->LiveType->LiveFonts. Here I found a files and a folder related to the "Timer" LiveFont, namely: "Timer.afp", "Timer.mp4", and a folder called "Timer.ltlf". In the "Timer.ltlf" folder there were four files: "data", "Preview.mp4", "proxy", and "sfnt".

    I quit Motion and moved the "Timer.mp4" and "Timer.afp" files into the "Timer.ltlf" folder. I relaunched Motion and applied it to my text and voila! I got what I expected to see. The letters start out jumbled then gradually resolved to the text I had entered.

    So basically I just had to clean up the mess in the LiveFonts folder, and it was quite messy. I had to stuff the guts of about a dozen other LiveFonts back into their respective folders. Now when I relaunch Motion I have no more duplicates in my Library tab, and all the LiveFonts are working fine.

    Thanks for coming to the rescue again Mark.



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    Glad you got it worked out, Lloyd.