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I, like many other, purchased an iPad this past weekend. Once I got back to school (University of Florida) I attempted to login to the schools wifi. I found that if I have iPad set to autofill names a passwords I cannot login to the wifi, the keyboard just locks up. If I turn off autofill it works fine.

Any suggestions as to why this happens?


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    Thanks for the hint. I was actually having this same problem logging on to our wifi at work. I had already had autofill user name and passwords turned on. It would freeze and not let me log in. I didn't know what the problem was until I saw your post. When I turned autofill off, it logged into the network.

    This is a problem that needs to be fixed.
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    I called Apple about this problem, I had the same issue. They had not seen it before (the tech was very helpful and very knowledgeable). I encourage you to call as well; it is a bug.

    One time when resetting from the locked screen, I think I briefly saw the dialog that asks you if you want to save the password flash by; I suspect the lock-up has to do with that dialog being hidden somehow.
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    Good to know I am not the only one this has happened to. Hopefully this can be fixed with a software update.
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    I had the same issue with my school wifi connection. The log in screen would come up, and then I would enter in my log in info, everything would freeze, and I had to hit the home button to go back to the home screen. I have been dealing with this since I got the iPad, and couldn't figure it out for hte life of me. I was on the phone with Apple care and level one had no idea what was going on. (In fact, he said there is not such thing as a "log in page," and that the only "log in" was to the router. I tried to explain to him that it was like when you go to starbucks, an airport, a hotel, etc...That I could access the router, I just couldn't log in. But he had no idea what was going on.

    I got transferred to level 2 and the agent had me reset network settings, clear my caches, etc, but no luck. He said that a software restore would solve my issue, but as I was in the process of restoring my ipad when I came across this post. I tried the steps listed, and it worked just fine.

    Weird, hopefully they get this fixed soon. I'd rather not have to enter in my user name and password for every site I visit.
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    I'm having the identical issue here. Can login fine to my school WiFi network (University of Chicago) without autofill enabled, but if autofill is enabled the login screen freezes as soon as I click connect.
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    Mine does the same thing, except when I turn off autofill and attempt to submit my information, it just refreshes the page without sending anything. All other devices work fine on the network, though.
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    I have had the same issue since day one. It looks like it still isn't fixed. Is anyone else able to keep autofill on still be able to connect to certain wifi locations?

    I thought this would have certainly been corrected in the latest ipad update, but it looks as if it has not.
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    Okay, so here's what I don't get.

    First, we don't get Flash.
    Then, we don't get Java.
    Now, we also loose AutoFill???

    The only solution I've found anywhere is to turn off AutoFill! What is the point of a feature if you cannot use it. I would have to turn it off, connect, then turn it on. And if I loose the connection for any reason, go through that again. I repeat, what is the point?!?

    Apple really needs to fix this!!!

    I'm using a Wifi iPad with iOS 3.2; I refuse to upgrade my firmware unless I am absolutely assured that existing problem, in this instance "AutoFill" will be fixed.

    I also have an iPhone3G with iOS 3.1.2, but the autofill works fine on that! Granted, I use my 3G subscription more than wifi. But the few times I've used WiFi, I didn't have to turn it off.

    Last time I upgraded my firmware on my iPhone it was to iOS4 which turned the phone into a useless paper weight since it was slowed to a crawl and kept crashing.

    Anyway, ranting aside. Turning off a feature as integral as AutoFill for those of us online all the time is simply not a "solution"!!!

    Mr. Jobs, please fix this.

    Just my 2 cents.