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change the font and add a note to a cell? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks... Doug

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    Inserting new rows and columns is covered in the first document that comes with the program. Sheet 3 I believe.

    As for notes and fonts. From experience different fonts and formats in each cell adds to the complexity and size of spreadsheets. Excel actually has a limit on how many unique formats there can be.

    In numbers for iPad, you assign a font size and font family to an entire table. Use the information button and click the table tab, then table option at the bottom. This gives you the ability to change the font size and name.

    Notes, I have not seen a way to add notes to individual cells yet. I would use shapes or additional tables formatted in a way to represent notations best on your sheet.

    If you feel they should add these features, please use the feedback options found on the support web site, there is a unique item for numbers for iPad.

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    Tap the cell you want to change, then tap the i icon at the top. One of the options in that popover is "text." After you choose that, "text options" appears at the bottom of the list and you can reformat text there to your heart's content.
    I don't think there's a way to add notes to cells but maybe I just haven't discovered that yet.
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    Use Help in iPad Numbers, click on the wrench icon and choose Go to Help:

    To add a row anywhere in the table, select a row, and then tap the bar on the left of the selected rows again. Then tap Insert. A row is inserted above the row you selected.

    The same for columns.