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Adjusting the screen brightness in the iBooks app also changes the system brightness. You have to go back in the iBooks app to change it back. The Kindle app only adjust the brightness within the app and does not affect the system brightness. This has to be an oversight by Apple,right?

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    I like that iBooks changes the system brightness. Why would I want to have different brightness levels in different apps? BTW, did you know that the Kindle app does not actually change the intensity of the screen backlight, but changes the brightness of the pixels themselves? iBooks also uses this technique to get the screen darker than is possible with the backlight alone, when you move the slider way left.
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    I agree without the original poster, iBooks should at least give the option to have the setting apply only in iBooks. There are people who want it that way and that is why kindle did it that way. I might read for a long time, and when reading I stare at the screen continuously, where as when doing other functions I am not as continuously focused on the screen. So reading with the brighter background is more of a strain.

    Hopefully apple will update. Seems strange that they would put the setting in the app but have it affect general settings.
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    I searching already a long time for this.


    When my room is dark, I would like to make my display darker as well, instead of waking up of the bright light :/


    He Browser iCabMobile can do it as well.

    Is there any app or way to make it darker?, of turn of the backgroundlight.