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I may or may not buy an iPad. Likely I will, but because I've learned some developers have chosen to make their apps either iPad or iPhone compatible... and charge those of us who bought their apps with the belief that although they'd work nicely on the iPhone AND eventually the iPad... only to discover these develops now want us to buy the app again for iPad? No thanks.

I won't be buying any more apps at all unless they are completely Universal. I was going to buy the Starwalk iPhone app this weekend based on good reviews of the iPad version. But because I don't want to buy the app twice, I decided not to buy it at all.

Of course it's only fair that the developers are allowed to sell whatever they please as long as it gets Apple's blessings... but I for one feel like it was implied that the apps bought for the iPhone would work just the same on the iPad. Now I find this is not really so much the truth as reports are that pixel-doubled apps are nearly unusable. Really seems like we were deceived on this. I for one justified buying certain iPhone apps in the last few months because I figured they would really be more useful with the larger screen of the iPad. Guess I was a sucker and bought into the deception.

Oh well. Not the first time I've been misled by vague hype.

For these reasons I've decided that I will not buy another app period unless it's a completely Universal one. I noticed some of the developers have made their apps +Universal, but I can't see how to search/filter for ONLY +Universal apps. Is there such a way?

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