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I tested the iPad at my college today, and found that the only apps that connect and display (with the VGA connector) on the projector are the Keynote App and the Youtube app. This presents an issue, since I routinely carry my Mac to class in order to show movies, TV shows, and of course Keynote presentations to my students. Literally, not even the home screen icons show up on the projector -- only Keynote and Youtube (not even Pages or Safari, which are great for examples in class). Clearly, the technology is there, but it has yet to be implemented.

Does anyone know if there is anything in the works (ro some type of work-around) to allow movies and TV shows on the projector; otherwise, it looks like I will have to continue lugging the 6-pound MBP. This would be a real shame, since the iPad is an absolute dream come true for any rpofessor.

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