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Hey guys,

My Iphone 3G (OS 3.1.3) is having some issues receiving new emails. The only way I can get NEW emails in my Iphone exchange inbox is for the actual Outlook 2007 application to be open on my computer at work. Sending emails is no problem. I bought the Iphone around five days ago, and synced it up with itunes the next day. I tried deleting and re-installing my exchange mail account on the phone today, but the problem remains.

I have tried to compare settings with co-workers to no avail. They also have a 3G with OS 3.1.3. One other co-worker has this same problem. This issue does not occur with my AOL email account.

Any advice is very much appreciated.

3G, iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • Graham Outterside Level 4 (2,910 points)
    Sounds like your mail is being synchronised with a local copy of the client, rather than the Exchange server itself. Like the old iPaq's used to have an option for ....
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    Is there anyway I could tell if that were the case?

    I'm relatively "google-savvy" when it comes to these things, but this doesnt seem to be a common problem. My buddy and I are bout ready to pull our hair out.

    I called the apple help-desk and told them exactly what was in the email, and they told me it was a Microsoft problem, and that I needed to call them. Guess I will give that a shot.