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I'm hoping this is an easy issue and I just don't see how to do it right. I read alot of PDF files and would like to have them on my iPad as well. I have downloaded a PDF reader for my iPad but how do I get my pdf's to the iPad. I don't see anywhere in iTunes that will let me sync files/folders of pdf's to the iPad. Anyone help me with this, I have about 8gb of pdf's I'd like to get transfered.

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    It depends on the app you plan to use, which one did you download, and did it give you any information on how to access files?

    Some apps can sync files through iTunes, some use WiFi and a web interface. Each app is a bit different.
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    You can always mail them to yourself.

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    Check out an app called GoodReader. Boughit for 2 bucks last night. You can use it to transfer files wirelessly to your iPad.
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    Thanks all! Goodreader has done the trick!
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    Just a further note, while you can use Goodreader to view PDFs and xfer them to your computer via wifi or iTunes, you will use any file system you have in place when you move the files. As an example, i have over 800 PDFs which are in folders based on topic, when i transfer these files I don't have my file system in place and if i want it back i will have to recreate it in Goodreader one file at a time - not practical at all. Thus far i don't have a work around for this and have brought up my concerns to Apple. Something for everyone to keep in mind, i hope Apple gives us more direct access to the file system very soon to make this process easier.
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    Follow up posted
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    Try these 2 programs: Dropbox and Readdle. I have all of my files synced between my computers and Dropbox organized in particular folders. With Readdle, you can connect to your Dropbox which then downloads not only the document, but the folder paths as well. I've done extensive tests between the various PDF readers for the iPad and the cloud syncing and these 2 combo are your solution.