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Hello all,
My macbook is stuck on the grey apple startup screen with no pinwheel or progress cog.

I have tried turning it on while holding down shift, though this does nothing, there is no beep. I have tried holding down the power button while turning on and this produces one long loud beep but still does nothing. I have reset the PRAM and this to have done nothing as well, same goes for when I hold option to choose the hard disk manually - i hear the second start up sound but still it goes back to the start up screen. In all of these instances it just goes back to the grey start up with no cog.

If I leave the macbook for long enough it will make a startup sound on its own, and go to the start up screen again. Any more ideas?? I would be eternally grateful for the help!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • Lyssa Level 6 (17,825 points)
    Do you have the install discs for this machine?

    If so, insert Install Disc 1 and boot the computer with the C key held down. Once the Installer has loaded, choose a language.

    From the Utilities menu, choose *Disk Utility*,
    In the left-hand pane, click *Macintosh HD*
    *Click the *Repair Disk* button.

    Report any errors that cannot be repaired.

  • Mac Medic (be@MacOSG.com) Level 6 (17,290 points)
    If you don't have your install disc with you, try this:

    Run fsck.

    1. Reboot/Startup holding your Command-S key down.
    2. At the command line type the following and hit 'Return.'

    /sbin/fsck -fy

    3. If it finds a problem and repairs it, immediately run fsck again until the drive checks OK.

    4. After it has check/repaired your disk, type 'reboot' and hit 'Return' again.

    Dave M.
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  • harpdevil Level 1 (0 points)
    Hiya, Thanks both of you for your advice! I do have the startup disks and have tried running a disk repair as you suggested, though it comes back saying there are no faults and the disk appears to be working normally. Any idea what I should try next?
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    Oops never mind, I am now typing this from my laptop

    Even though it said there wasn't a problem, it seems to have fixed whatever problem there was. So thanks again both of you, if you reply to this thread I'll choose your reply as solved.