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Hey all, I recently restored my iPod Nano 2nd gen using iTunes. I did my best to follow the procedure carefully but I'm afraid something went wrong.

My Nano is now in DFU mode and it is unresponsive. I can't get it to turn on and holding Menu + Select doesn't reset it. When plugging the device into my computer it is recognized as an Apple DFU USB device for which no drivers can be found. iTunes pops up saying it can't recognize the iPod.

What I think is wrong is that the firmware on the device somehow got mangled during the iTunes iPod restore. All my searching so far has indicated that the device is in DFU mode.

*My question: is there any way to get an iPod Nano 2nd gen out of DFU mode?*
I've been thinking in the direction of a firmware upgrade/restore that doesn't require iTunes to recognize the iPod, I'm not afraid to use 3rd party software as the device is bricked in its current state.

HP 8530W, Windows 7