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    I have a Belkin wireless N1 router and no problems with wifi, even accross my house and outside.
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    Yea, those are very good home numbers in my opinion. Depends what your supplier can provide and what you are paying for though. I usually hit 7500 download 650 upload at my home in Cincinnati and 5000 and 600 in my second home in Naples. They both seem plenty fast for me.
  • jshetley Level 1 (10 points)
    Thanks for the comparable numbers. It certainly seems fast enough to me and considering all the problems others are having I think I am lucky. I took it to a local coffee shop today to show to a friend and it connected there without a problem as well. In fact it was even faster there and connected with no issues at all. As for signal strength, it picked up about 6 networks there. FWIW I keep the Apple case on it with the back flap thing tilted almost all the time so maybe that helps to keep the back more open for the signal. Anyway I hope Apple gets this worked out because if you get one that works it is fabulous. I love my IPad.
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    Most of the time my 32gb ipad connects fine to any network. I am getting very fast wireless download speed. It is only on my home network (att uverse where the router is the gateway for my tv, wireless and phone) that I have had the password issue, and only when I am in an "offline" app for a long time(like scrabble or reading a book) and then try to connect to the web via safari. It isnt always an issue in these scenarios either.

    My temporary "fix" is to keep my wireless passwords in the notebook app and cut and paste them in when I get the prompt. I am still quite happy with my ipad, and this seem like the type of issue that will be resolved with a patch at some point.
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    I haven't had any problems with my iPhone wireless signal. Only the iPad... I'm going to try setting my router only to G connection and see if that helps... I'm only really interested in having a STABLE connection--not as concerned with how fast it is.

    So what problems exist with the iPhone? What model? Never had an issue with mine, though I rarely use it on WiFi since I have the 3GS and live in an urban area...
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    I have been having some weak wifi coverge on my ipad..

    my mac works fine so its the ipad.

    reset the network thats all apple is saying to do...

    maybe turn off your router and then reboot...that may help too
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    Just an observation. I was looking at my connected wireless clients on my router's status page. When the iPad is in sleep mode, the wireless stays connected and after about 5 min of asleep, the signal on the router is 100%. So I decided to wake it up while watching the router. After about 20 sec after waking, the signal drops down to between 50 and 60%. That said, it would seem that when it wakes, they're decreasing the power on the wifi to increase battery life while at the same time hindering wireless performance. Just an observation . . .
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    If it is a power management problem then at least it's fixable through either a firmware or software update.

    I know that I'll be more than happy to give up an hour or so battery life if it means everyone's wifi problems go away.....especially since I'm already getting over the 10 hour estimated battery life anyway.
  • coppertrail Level 1 (45 points)
    If this is the case, I understand what they're trying to do, provide a great tablet with an amazing and tote 8 hrs. battery life. Great in theory, but my thought is give us an option to completely disable power management on the WLAN card at the expense of shorter battery life. I'm more than willing to live with that. On my laptop, I have an option to do that and I don't the wireless problems I've seen on the iPad.

    But then the next question, why isn't this issue happening on my iPod Touch?
  • Largefarva Level 1 (15 points)
    The only issue I've had with my ipad's wifi also happened on my iPhone.....which was intermittent drops that would most of the time pick right back up immediately. I've done the same thing on both and the problem has gone away for both.

    The main difference I see between the two is that I can kill the battery on my iPhone pretty quick so apparently there it doesn't have an aggressive power saving implementation as the iPad does.
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    Well, I've an iPod Touch 16G and I've identical problem with my Wifi routers.

    I've installed an SMC Life*N wireless router for my MacBook Pro and iPod Touch 16G, but soon I found that the Wifi connection is not stable.

    First I set the router to run in 802.11b/g/n mode, but my iPod can not find the network in the next room, about 30ft. away. I tried with several channels, and I can only found one channel that barely work. I tried to set the router to run in 802.11b/g mode, the signal strength was much better, but the connection with iPod Touch was still unstable. Needless to say, the connection from my MacBook Pro was OK all the time.

    Then I bought another wireless router, Buffalo WHR-G300N, which supports 802.11b/g only. It worked without any problem, even in the "noisy" channel that SMC failed to work.

    So this problem is related to the router itself without doubt. And I believe this is a software issue -- there must be something wrong with the WiFi driver within iPhone OS.

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    I get 13000+ download and 7000+ upload wIth Verizon wifi in NYC, so you might expect better numbers.
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    I am not having issues on my wireless network at home using a Linksys wrt600n and a wrt610n. However, I m having an issue staying connected to my sprint 4g wireless router. Every 2 min it says incorrect password and I have to rekeying the security code to reconnect. I know they r working on the wifi but just wanted to be specific.
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    Another with wifi problems here:
    * dead areas even next to the router
    * forgets router
    * says password wrong when try to re-entert, must go to settings and turn off/on

    iPhone and MacBook pro don't have these issues at all. Belkin wireless g.
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    Turn your brightness up away from the lowest setting! The end!