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    I have experienced the same problem with my new ipad 3G. I was using the ipad 3G with great success at a remote lake cabin (using 3G only). After returning home, the ipad would not reconnect to my airport extreme using either WPA2 or no security. The router and DNS info was missing at the ipad wifi settings box. The only way I was able to get the ipad to reconnect was to reboot the airport extreme and the cable modem. My Macbook pro, that was parked next to the ipad worked flawlessly.
  • larrylake Level 1 Level 1
    PS I am getting 12kbpa down and 749kbps up on the speedtest.
  • JimiFI Level 1 Level 1
    Had similar wifi problems with mac mini
    N + WPA did not work with my D-Link router
    G + WPA did not....
    G + WEP worked ok
    moved to Belkin router and after that N and WPA working fine, no problems at all.
    Believe Apple is using same Qualcomm Wifi hardware and software in all products causing same router compatibility problems in all products.
    Whos problem this really is Apples or router manufacturers, I do not know, but PC's work fine so I think Apples.
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    Hello everyone. Yes, I am sure I figured out the fix. The many fixes that worked for some of the people some of the time, and the rest of them that tried and nothing worked. It is really a combination of the fixes with one extra step. My remedy might take a little bit of time depending on how advanced your router is configured. I have fixed mine, and 3 of my friends routers with various iPad connection issues and it has fixed all of them. Applicable routers (Linksys, D-Link, & Netgear). I am sure it will work on other brands too due to my success on these routers. Before continuing, hand write or copy your personal configuration settings into word/publisher/etc or by any other means except creating a backup bin file from via your router.

    1) Install the latest firmware on your router even if it already has the latest version. When the router firmware is newly updated, do a hard reset to bring the router to its factory settings with the new firmware. Do not restore your existing configuration from a bin file (I know this is a pain but you want it fixed right?)

    2) Change your broadcast channel to 6 or 11. P.S. Don't forget to save the settings as you go from page to page.

    3) Proceed to your wireless security settings and setup WPA (I personally setup all the routers with WPA2 but to each is own). Before preceding to the next step, connect your iPad/iPhone/iTouch and your other wireless devices to your wireless network. P.S. Don't forget to save the settings as you go from page to page.

    4) Now you may proceed to manually reconfigure your router. (I.e. DHCP/Static DHCP/Static IP/Port forwarding settings, etc if applicable. I have a static ip for my router and use static DHCP for all my network devices as I do a lot of remote access configurations, windows rdp and real vnc connections so this was tedious for me) P.S. Don't forget to save the settings as you go from page to page.

    5) Finally, this next step is not always necessary but I recommend doing it just for the sake of making sure you you start fresh. Once you have saved all settings on your router, Power off all network connected devices and unplug your router for at least 10 seconds. Power up 1 device at a time and make sure it connects to the Internet. Wahla. Your iPad/iPhone/iTouch connection issues are solved.

    Any questions, I will handle on a one to one.

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    I have done what you have described several times. These are not new suggestions, and I still have occasional disconnections from my netgear router. It happens a few times a day. It only disconnects for a few seconds and then reconnects by itself. Yes, i have updated the router software. Yes I have tried every channel from 1 to 11. Yes i have tried both wpa and wpa2. Yes, i have switched to a static ip. And yes i have rebooted the router on many occasions, in fact i have gone even further. I turned notifcations off, ask to join networks off and auto lock to never. So this is not a fix all for everyhting. I'm sure this does fix some of the connection problems. I can deal with a few drops a day. Not a deal breaker. The real problem with the wifi on the ipad is that it is much weaker at picking up a signal as opposed to my macbook. My macbook always picks up 5 to 6 routers in my neighborhood, while the ipad only pick up my home router. So these "fixes" do not solve that problem which i believe IS the reason why so many people have problems. The ipad has poorly designed wifi hardware. Perhaps a firmware update will be able to boost the power that goes to the wifi hardware. If that can be done, i would bet a lot of the wifi issues would be resolved.
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    This is a bunch of BS, really. The problem is not everyones setup on their routers, access points, etc. I have been using the same equipment for years with many many devices including iPhones laptops, gaming consoles, etc and have had zero issues like this. I've tried using different access points, and it's all the same. OBVIOUSLY it's an iPad problem, and changing router/AP settings is barking up the wrong tree!

    Come on apple! Fix this! I like your products, and just spent a grand on this iPad.
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    I agree. This iPad WLAN problem has gone far enough. Apple needs to get this thing fixed. Isn't this the ENTIRE reason you buy an iPad? So you can pick it up and connect to the internet quickly? all of these "suggestions" to update your router firmware, etc. is BS.
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    None of these fixes worked for me, and given the fact that my Apple TV, my iPhone, my MacBookpro and my kids Macbook all work fine on the Apple Extreme wireless router, all fingers would appear to points to the iPad as the problem.

    As to the fix, I wouldn't hold your breath... After several days and a replacement iPad, AppleCare first stated that a patch was due "sometime this summer" and then changed it to "sometime this fall" !! It's frustrating because aside from the Wi-Fi issue, I had fun with my iPad, but "Fed Express return" it goes. Imagine a car dealer selling you a car and then telling you an update will be available sometime in the fall, and until then, good luck. The folks at AppleCare were nice enough and this has been my first bad experience with Apple, yet this certainly defines ARROGANCE in my book. Sorry Apple... I just call 'em as I see 'em. Maybe a few words of reassurance from Steve ... but SOMEthing.... please!
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    Since I travel frequently, I have a very good perspective on this issue. I have found that the iPad alone of all my devices that I travel with (iPhone, iPad, and Sony laptop) has random connect issues. It works great at home, where I have custom configured my router specifically for the iPad. It works fine at all the Starbucks I have tried. It only works in about half of the airports I travel through and about three fourths of the hotels I stay in (and both my iPhone and my laptop work in ALL of these places on wifi).

    Please, no more petulant sneering at those who complain about the iPad's inconsistent WiFi performance. It's real, and it definitely needs fixing.
  • Herbert Frank Level 1 Level 1
    "Apple has no idea what's wrong, nor do they care. They've got your money now.
    Not true. They do know what is wrong. Princeton University had the problem and tested ipads. See

    They submitted the info and continue to work with Apple.
  • Lee Maisel Level 1 Level 1
    Herbert, the link you posted has nothing to do with the problem we are discussing.
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    I too just bought an iPad and have now joined the ranks with those having Wi-Fi problems

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    I have a Verizon Actiontec router. All my devices connects effort sly (Win laptop, Mac Laptop, iPod, cell, PSP, etc, you name it!) and STAYS connected.

    To perform all the suggestions listed here or the ones that Apple gives is a bunch of crock! The bottom line is that iPAD WiFi is suppose to work out of the box! One suggestion that seems to work…sometimes…is the screen brightness. This got me to thinking. I lose connection the majority of the time when the iPad comes out of sleep. If your screen brightness is low, minimum power is used during wakeup. If screen brightness is high, more power is used during wakeup. Are you with me?

    This suggests to me that not enough power is being allocated to the sleep/wake circuitry to maintain your settings, yet alone to try and wake it up successfully. We looking at hardware issues here. Can it be resolved via software? Probably not…maybe a firmware update…MAYBE!
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