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    Just use Backoff by which is an easy program you can use to disable backups...perhaps Apple will have a fix when 4.0 is released for the iPad this can only hope
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    Tx for this NyVetteGuy. I'll try it.

    Other thing I can't understand is why my iPod Touch backs up about three or four times the volume of data in about ten minutes! Why can't they backup iPad as quickly?

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    hillclimber100... me too!

    I am thinking it must be me!!

    I originally got the iPod... very impressive! Then the iPod Touch... very impressive! Then played with the iPad... love at first sight!

    On the strength of my experiences, bought a MacBook Pro and an iPad 16GB 3G.

    I am now into the 7th hour of backing-up my iPad (2nd backup in 4 weeks)...

    I'm using an Asus 1..2Ghz Dual-Core 3GB DDR3 RAM Windows 7... and all I can see in the iTunes window at the top is a spiral candybar telling me 'backing up iPad' and an Apple logo on the iPad (with no sign of life).

    It's now 00.47am. I have been trying since 9.00am.

    1 aborted sync with Windows 7. 1 aborted sync on my MacBook Pro. 7 hours invested in the current backup. No sync performed yet.

    Going to try and get some sleep and see where I am in the morning...

    'Apple In Wonderland'?
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    I had a similar issue, it was a magazine I downloaded. Some magazines cause you to have a very slow backup. Once you find the magazine, you might want to have only one issue downloaded at a time, that resolved my issue.

    Good luck!

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    I am having the same issue. Just switched from Win 7 32bit to Win 7 64 bit and now the backups are taking hours instead of minutes.
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    If you have a PC, I found this was the answer for me. I disabled my Norton yesterday and my sync but took about 6 minutes from almost an hour my last two syncs. Thanks for the information, it worked well.
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    My epic iPad backup was 34 hours. I just finished at 6:01 AM on the 24th of August after starting the sync at 9:30 PM on the 22nd. EPIC!

    I have about 45 gigs of total data on my iPad and I just put new hard drives into my computer so I had to reauthorize the machine and was creating a fresh backup. Lots of reasons why this could have taken a long time but 34 hours is crazy. I sync my iPad to my PC running windows 7 64-bit OS. Hardware specs aren't even worth mentioning as they aren't the problem here (12 gigs of DDR3 RAM, Core i7, etc, etc).

    So I turned off my Anti-virus and this was still a major issue. So are we all to play guessing games as to what apps or magazines are causing the backup delay while Apple doesn't respond to this issues? What's the deal?

    And has anyone else noticed how starkly aware they are now of just how often their iPad backups to the disk? I mean I backed mine up as it had been awhile while I installed the new hard drives. Then I installed 3.2.2 and iTunes tried to automatically backup the iPad when it was done. I had to punch out on that one. I wanted my iPad back!

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    Another suggestion based on experience with my MacBook.

    Try plugging it into a different USB port.

    Anecdotally, I've found that my iPad backups/syncs faster with the USB port closest to the screen on my MacBook (It has 2 external USB ports). (Doesn't seem to affect my iPhone.)
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    Is there a way to cancel the backup which it does before a software upgrade?
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    You can cancel the backup by moving the slider on the screen, same as when you are unlocking the device.

    enjoy your magic machine
  • stuartanderton Level 1 Level 1
    If you cancel the backup, the software upgrade is also cancelled.
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    Try clicking on the "X" on right corner of the box showing the progress (or lack of it!) of the backup within the i-Tunes screen.
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    According to your signature you're running iOS4 on your iPad. iOS4 is supposed to improve backup performance, and it certainly seems to have done on my 2nd generation iPod Touch. Do you find that the beta you're running improves things on the iPad? I quite understand if you're under NDA so can't say.
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    I have the Zinio app on my iPad with a lot of mags on it. I found out that in settings (in the zinio app) you can turn off the back up feature. It specifically says if you turn it off it will speed up the back up process when u sync your iPad. Sure enough, I tried it and the back up went much faster. So I'll just have to keep the back up feature in the app off until I download a new mag.
    Another thing I did is I unchecked syncing old tv episodes that I've already watched. That helped too.

    Just wanted to contribute my experience to this post. Hope this can be of some help to anyone.

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    It's actually 3.2.2 (7B500) which i understood (maybe incorrectly) was same as the iPhone's iOS4 When I entered this discussion 3.2.2 wasn't an option in the OS drop-down. It still isn't!
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