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    My synching was extremely slow, but then I realized that my I tunes library spawned multiple hard drives, amongst which a slow wifi connected network drive. Once I got rid of that, it worked fine.

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    My backup was taking over 4 hours.  stopped Ad-Aware and it took less then 2 minutes.

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    Thank you very much

    Installing the latest PCTools really helped. The whole back-up and sync was completed in no time.

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    My ipad2 was synching for ever with my desktop pc. Had to cut it off before it finishes. If I sync it with my macbook pro there was no problem.


    This is what worked for me ipad2 synching with my desktop pc:


    1-Open i tunes (Do not connect the ipad)

    2-Select apps

    3-Select "check for updates"

    4-If there are new updates, update all of them.

    5-wait for ALL UPDATES finished and processed

    6-check one more time if any updates left

    7-if it says there's no updates left now connect your ipad and sync


    This method always worked for me.

    If you try this and cant sync again, do the same things but connect the ipad to your desktop pc's first usb port (you can find it trying)

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    My problem with Backng Up was solved by switching off my antivirus (I switched off all the modules of my security software).


    Using the ipad cable did help a little in making the backup a little faster especially on my first trials but didn't solve the problem.



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    My iPad 3 backup is 4,7GB but when it backups over wi-fi, it takes about 30min. So i read that deleting the backup and creating a new fresh one manually will solve the problem. Never mind! I did that and after 1 hour it was at 40% backup only!!! So i cancelled and plugged my ipad with the cable and did the same backup in about 1 minute. Why the **** it so slow over the wi-fi?

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    I was suffering with this extreme slow sync on both iPad and iPhone for a couple of months now. I removed a plugin called "Quartz Composer Visualizer" from the /Library/iTunes/iTunes Plugins folder and suddenly all my sync's zip along.

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    i just started having this problem too.  i got an iphone 5, and i still have the 4.  i was using both of them because im waiting for the stupid nano sim.  but now my iphone 4 is SLOW "AF".  when i load music to the phone, it just sits there, the sync arrows spin around, but nothing transfers.  and when it starts to transfer, it takes foreeevvvverrrr.  i plug in my i5 and it's lightning fast just like it should be.  ***?!?!?!? soooo annoying, instead of taking 10 seconds to add an album, it takes 15 min.  a HUGE inconvience.  this is what i pay the big bucks for eh?  i told myself i wouldn't buy another apple product since they CSR is such ****.  screw you apple.  you're lucky you make nice hand sets otherwise i'd be buying other products.

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    The quartz composer delete actually seemed to help my problem with syncing my ipad 1st gen a bit, but I still can't sync successfully.  Ever since upgrading to iTunes 11 I have not been able to sync my ipad.  It just times out, dies, wouldn't even start the sync etc.  I've restored it multiple times and tried setting it up as a new ipad, switched cables, tried standing on my head!  How can this be so bad?  I've got a i7 quad core mac book pro here.  Apple?  iTunes 11 a real problem.

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    Hey did you happen to get this issue resolved with the slow sync/backup?  I'm having problems with mine after installing the new crap iTunes 11.  Any fixes?

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    Arrrgggg!!!!!! I've got an original Ipad, still running ios3. The backups aren't happening...after 10 hours still only half way. Deleted all apps and all photos, nothing else on the pad. Tried every trick in these posts, still no luck. I tried to update to ios5, but it won't complete the action until a full and complete backup/sync has been done.


    There has obviously been no help from Apple with this, as there are dozens of threads regarding this problem, and this thread alone has 28 pages. I'm ready to just toss it in the garbage.

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    I finally solved my slow sync problem by rebooting the device. (holding both power buttons at same time).  It was taking about 30 minutes to sync podcasts to an ipod touch (ios6).  Now it is less than a minute, depending on how many podcasts are sync'd.

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    Thanks dude, you made my day. Rebooting the device solved the prob for me too! Now syncing apps is running fast

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    I apologize that I have not read all 28 pages here but Im not sure what to do.  Im a new ipad/MBP owner.  I downloaded my first music (2 songs only) and was trying to turn genius playlist on, having trouble getting that to show up on my ipad so I connected the usb cable between my ipad 4 and my MBP.  This is my first sync so Im not sure what Im doing.  On the MBP it went from step 1 to step 5 in syncing in seconds but has now been in step 5 copying data for 2 hours.  This does not seem right to me so I would like to just hit the Done button and forget it.  I got my music loaded and I can live without a genius playlist.


    Will it hurt anything on either my iPad or my MBP, to just hit Done and try to stop this sync?

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    How long is too long for an initial backup of an iPad?  I am a new Mac user, though I have had the original iPad since it came out.  It has 58GB capacity and 15.7GB available.  I do not have much in the way of apps, although I have GoodReader, Pages and Excel.  Lots of photos, some music. I bought the new iMac in an effort to consolidate everything - iPad, iPhones, media - onto a single operating system.


    I transferred my iTunes library to the iMac using an external drive.  Now I am trying to backup and sync the iPad.  It has been stuck in the backup mode "waiting for changes to be applied" for the past THREE DAYS.


    Is this a function of a slow data tyransfer?  or is something terribly wrong?  I do not want to cancel the process and start all over if it indeed will take days to backup initially.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.