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Hi guys and gals,

I have a flaw in my automator workflow and NO clue where the mistake is...

I have all kind of different files which I would like to clean up and always have the same file hierarchy.

So here is what we have at the beginning:

25 files in a folder sequentially correct with formatting roughly like this:


and so on...

All in sequence but with different names, if I sort them by Name in the list view, everything is correct it just doesn't look very nice.

I wrote a workflow with these parameters:

1. Get specified Finder items (drag and drop the files), with them sequentially in the correct order
2. Make Finder Item Names Sequential
new name Project Alpha p1eX
start numbers at 1

My example output text is correct (Project Alpha p1e1) BUT for whatever reason the last file in my list (e25) is now in the correct format but as file number 1 instead of 25!!! This is for all files soo 2 is 24 and 24 is 2.....

This logically is exactly reverse from what I need it to be and a LOT worse since now the title isn't what the file contains! ;(
If I have to choose I'd rather be thought of as a bad file namer than a person who messes up the order of the files and as such ruins solid work.

I've tried reversing my name list so 25 is on the top but still the end result is wrong.

I need to maybe point out that the date stamps on the files are all over the place and certainly not sequential.

Any clues as to why it is doing this and where my error is?



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