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    I got this book as it was recommended on a couple of sites, and I wanted a tutorial rather than some kind of reference book. I had taught myself Actionscript for Flash, and wanted to try my hand at the iPhone next.
    I have no experience of any other programming language, so this is really 'from scratch' for me! I have found the book to be clear and helpful, explaining why, not just how, in most cases.
    I too found there was a problem from chapter 12 (I am at the end of 16 now) with accuracy - googling 'sams iphone 24 hours errata' found a better source than the publishers, but I have lost the page now, sorry - and that helped me to check I wasn't cracking up. To be honest though, by that point, I had a fair idea of what had gone wrong from what I had learned so far, and from the error messages in Xcode, and managed to fix it myself.
    I didn't buy this expecting to be an expert by the end, but I hoped that it would give me a good foundation to start from. I believe that I have got that, and now feel familiar enough with the MVC stuff and the basics of Objective C to have a bash at my own app. I'm sure I'll also need to use a lot of the help stuff from Apple too, but at least it will make some sense to me now!
    I think I read somewhere that they are reissuing the book with the errata corrected in November.
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    I guess Chapter 14 really is a problem. I have been following the chapters in the book pretty faithfully and getting knowledgeable for the most part. It is written for v3 of the SDK. Some of the minor differences with 4.0 make it interesting to convert. I am unable to get the chapter 14 project working. His sample from the download works without issues but, I am unable to get the table to display in my version of the project. No errors. It just does not display the table.

    I placed a breakpoint within the numberOfRowsInSection method and it does not seem to be executing this method since it does not pause on the breakpoint. I have verified that all links have been properly set by comparing to John Ray's version. Not sure what else to do. My description of the problem is pretty thin I know but, if anyone has some thoughts, please let me know.

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    Hello all,

    The biggest problem with the book (I authored the first half) was that the writing style that the other author used didn't mesh well with the first half. The iOS 4 revision starts to address that (I'm pretty pleased with my new backgrounding chapter), but I know that there is a distinct difference between the first and second half of the IOS 3 edition.

    I'm trying to clean it up as quickly as I can, but production schedules are ... challenging. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at

  • John Ray1 Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Jim,

    Please email me a copy of your project and I'll take a look.

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    any ETA on possible updates for Chapters 14 and 15?
  • Gracewing Level 1 Level 1



    This is my first forum post and I am new to Apple in general and Iphone development in particular, although I do develop apps in Delphi under windows for the oil industry (professionally).


    There is a huge amount of support stuff on the internet and I have run through some examples. However I spent ages trying to find the class folder for one example which was based on the older version of xcode.


    I borrowed this book from the library and again it doesn't have the ios 4 formats but a book has the advantage of easily going back 10 pages to check up on something rather than tryign to find the previous document your were looking at. Also a book uses no screen space so you aren't trying to fit it alongside your codes , interface designer etc.


    This approach, and I haven't got to chapter 14 yet, does give step by step examples and lots of screen shots. I am looking at buying it since its due back in a few days. Unless someone else has a better suggestion.


    I can see there is a steep learning curve in all directions - the language, interface, cocoa library etc. so 24 hours won't do it. But 24 1 hours lessons may get me a good start.



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