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Ian on iTunes Level 1 Level 1 (60 points)
I found earlier that my 3GS suddenly won't play on my Bose SoundDock. I believe the speaker is just fine, it was working perfectly earlier today, and nothing new has been synced to it since it stopped working.

The music does play, there is just no audio. The SoundDock is an old version that does not charge the iPhone, but that has never stopped it playing the audio.

There is audio through the iPhones own speakers and also through headphones, but the SoundDock is playing no sound. I turned off my iPhone for a few minutes, have quit and restarted iPod a few times, nothing is getting the audio back.

Does anyone know what is could be?

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    I discovered that my ipod nano 5th generation stopped playing on my Bose SoundDock recently. It used to play very well, and recently stopped. My Bose remote still turns the ipod nano on/off, and can skip forward / backward through the ipod music list, but no sound comes out of the Bose. The nano's tiny speaker plays, but that's it. I reset the Bose as recommended by Bose but no improvement.

    Is there a setting on the ipod to enable it to send audio out to the Bose sounddock? I have looked but I can't find one.

    Did a recent Apple software update on my ipod nano change its audio-out programming? I am running software version 1.0.2 on my ipod nano and it is "up to date".
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    Try to unplug the sounddock and plug it back in. I've had the same issue and just unplugging it solves the issue.
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    Unplugging and later replugging the Bose is what Bose calls a reset. Tried it, did not help. Tried charging the nano more fully. Did not help. Thanks for replying, though.