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Is there anyway to configure the iPad to Bypass proxy server for local addresses? When I have my proxy disabled email works great to my exchange server but I can't browse the web through our proxy. When I enable the proxy email stops working. I need to be able to set it so that it can Bypass proxy server for local addresses. Thanks for any help.
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    I'm having the same issue - no solution that I can find.... Pretty annoying!
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    Any solution to this? It's a serious problem for me and must be for many others.
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    Setup a proxy.pac file on one of your web servers.

    Mine is a duplicate of a wpad file, renamed to proxy.pac.
    Enter the address to this file in the proxy settings as automatic.

    It will then handle the paths for these files - I have some that go out via one proxy (non-authenticated) and some that go out via another (authenticated) and some URL's that are direct.

    Everything works except for one stumbling block - Third Party apps either not supporting a proxy.pac or not supporting proxy authentication. And it I think its both. I know apple's apps are handling the non-authenticated URL's fine - but sometimes stumbling over authentication if its not Safari to key url's such as the app store etc are non-authenticated.
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    Caledai, do you know anywhere with step by steps for us noobs to set this up?