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Can anyone help?

My girlfriend and I have both got iphones and we both have itunes accounts. At the moment we share her itunes on the house pc but now I have an iphone I can only buy apps through her account. How do I get around this? is it possible?

pc, Windows Vista
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    You can set up a computer login account on her computer for you to use. Authorize the computer with your iTunes account with iTunes when logged in to your computer login account. 3rd party apps include DRM protection, which is tied to the iTunes account used to purchase/download an app. This way you can sync contacts with a supported application on the computer when logged in to your computer login account and the contacts will be kept separate. The same for your email account or accounts, documents, etc.

    Your GF will sync her iPhone with iTunes when logged in to her computer login account.

    Not sure about Windows with multiple computer login accounts but OS X on a Mac includes a fast user switching option which makes switching between multiple computer login accounts a fast and easy process.