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My grandma found a used IPod Touch at a yard sale around 2-3 weeks ago and bought it and gave it to me, I finally got some time to check it out and found it in perfect working condition, the screen was pristine, full functionality, but I despised the songs that were on it(jazz remixes/rap/country/gospel songs... ew) ...

well I hit the Reset All Settings & Data, or something like that, and after a while it finished and apparently it ran out of charge even though im sure it didnt, but never the less it is now in recovery mode(usb cable -->> itunes logo) .... I've watched ~20 youtube vids how to fix this all basically saying to plug it into a comp with itunes and hit "Recovery" or something to that effect.........

So I borrow a friend's usb data cable and plug it in and i get the "USB device not recognized" i go through the whole speal about enabling and reinstalling the driver, doesnt work, borrow my girlfriend's usb data cable, repeat driver thing, nothing... another cable, nothing... and this is where i stand, 20 feet from the kitchen with an agitated state of being and a perfectly good blender about to put said blender to good use........ it doesnt charge with any of the cables either btw..

+ a bit of into on the ipod: it has external speaker, ability to accept voice commands, other than that.. im not sure what generation it is, 8gb...
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    bit of a bump test, but also a bit of a summary, might have put to much backround into my original post.....

    basically my ipod touch was working before i reset all settings, then it went to recovery mode, and i have not been able to get my computer or my laptop to recognize the ipod, went through all the steps in order to repair/reinstall the drivers for the usb device, didnt work, tried different usb data cables as well,

    plan on getting my hands on a friend's usb cable that "works for gen 2 and 3 ipods" if that makes any difference, the cords i have tried i know work for gen 1 and gen 3, my only guess is that mine is a gen 2... idk.

    if someone could send me in the right direction/ any idea of what might be wrong / how to fix it, ive just about had it with this thing, spent about 9 hours trying to get this fixed.
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    anyone have any idea? I just uninstalled itunes and all other miniature applications apple support told me to uninstall on both my pc and my laptop, reinstalled, retried it with the 2 cords i have with me, still nothing, tried the driver thing again for both, nothing :'''[

    someone's got to know what to do?

    * if theres nothing i can do myself, where would i go / call in order to diagnose the issue / acquire an estimated repair cost... if its a mechanical\software malfunction
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    what you do is open itunes and plug it into the computer next hold down the top key and the home key on the ipod. Hold both keys until the apple logo shows on the screen then let go of the top button but keep holding the home button. Then a message on itunes will pop up that will say ipod in recovery mode will need to reset. you press yes
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    ... well poop, got my hopes up... followed what you said, but the computer still will not read the device as anything, "Unknown Device", nor will itunes.... but thanks for responding... no one else has :[