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Klumsytone Level 1 (0 points)
I have the latest wireless bluetooth keyboard and I synced it to my iPad. On the pages app, the keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste work, but the keyboard shortcuts for bold, italics, underline, superscript, subscript do not work. Has anyone figured out how to use these shortcuts with the wireless keyboard? I believe it's command b, I, u for bold, italics, and underline, and command-control plus sign, minus sign for superscript and subscript, but I can't get it to work?

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Dell Inspiron 8100, Windows XP Pro
  • Chris Shaker Level 1 (30 points)
    I've also sent feedback to Apple about the wireless keyboard usage in the mail application. The arrow keys and the delete key do nothing in the mail app.

    Chris Shaker
  • Klumsytone Level 1 (0 points)
    If they reply to your feedback could you update me on this issue? Thanks.

  • Chris Shaker Level 1 (30 points)
    Sure, but so far, Apple has never responded to any of my feedback.

    Chris Shaker
  • kivancmuslu Level 1 (15 points)
    Hi Chris,

    I also wonder about this issue. Could you post here the results when you get a response. Thanks!
  • cpedraza Level 1 (0 points)
    Is there a key on the wireless keyboard that acts as the Home key? The keyboard dock has one and it's mighty useful.
  • kivancmuslu Level 1 (15 points)
    Not as far as I know (and played with). I think if there were, apple wouldn't put an extra key for that in the docked version, so it seems that we are out of luck (I know that we have the eject key, which does the same thing as the keyboard key, however maybe it was our luck and it is the only key that corresponds to another newly added keys in the docked version.

    If you find one, please do tell.
  • BMcWhirt Level 1 (0 points)
    I would love a way to navigate with the wireless keyboard, a home key and arrows to get to an app would be great. Ive tried several combinations and I have not found anything. I have not purchased keynote for the iPad yet does anyone know if the arrow keys work in it for navigation, it's not going to be common that I will be at the iPad while giving presentations. In fact if there were an app for the iPhone that would let me set the doc and vga up near the projector input and navigate keynote with the iPhone that would be spectacular(hint hint apple)
  • kivancmuslu Level 1 (15 points)
    Hi BMcWhirt,

    I can confirm that the arrow keys (and other keys) does not work for navigation in keynote (ipad version) both during the presentation and the general view. I have both apple wireless keyboard and keynote app, and just tested now.

    I think apple should (and will) address these issues with keyboard, applications, navigation etc., in time. This product is quite new (about one month) and the applications are too. Though they had the bigger applications (iwork) for mac os x already, since ipad uses a subsidized version of that os, I am quite sure that they have do many things from the start and maybe even do some extra tuning and optimizations.

    I can use iWork on my iPad easily and do most of my work (especially pages can be used very good with the wireless keyboard), but of course as every other person I am begging for some improvements so that I can (almost) get rid of my notebook I can wait a little longer and I hope apple addresses these issues. I am very excited to see OS4.
  • spthomas Level 1 (0 points)
    Bump for more information.
  • IN2VWS Level 1 (0 points)
    I bought a wireless keyboard today, and I am pretty disappointed with it.
    In the App store, when I type in my password, the key just keep repeating as if the keys are stuck down.
    In Safari, the number key doesnt work, but it works in other programs. example: I will type each number key, not the number is missing. 123467890
    I feel like throwing it across the room.
  • kgashok Level 1 (0 points) has some interesting thoughts on the shortcuts that work using the Apple wireless keyboard on the iPAD.

  • Lev_Arris Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Klumsytone.  I too am new the Apple wireless keyboard and wanted to know a few tips and tricks I could do with the Apple iPad/iPad2.  I found this link that might help out some. 


  • Mccamat1 Level 1 (0 points)






    If you turn on voice over there is a ton of shortcuts including using home key and arrow keys. Plug it in turn VoiceOver on and hit control alt k and try the keys or watch this YouTube video using an apple wireless keyboard with VoiceOver on the iPad. Hope this helps

  • Benjamin Lewis Level 1 (85 points)

    CMD – c (Copy selected text) 

    CMD – x (Cut selected text) 

    CMD – v (Paste) 

    CMD – z (Undo)

    CMD – e (End of Line)

    CMD – a (Beginning of Line)

    CMD – k (Delete To End of Line)

    CMD – f (Cursor Forward)

    CMD – b (Cursor Back)

    CMD – n (Next Line)

    CMD – p (Previous Line)

    CMD – shift – z (Redo) 

    CMD – Up Arrow (Jump to top of document) 

    CMD – Down Arrow (Jump to bottom of document) 

    CMD – Left Arrow (Jump to beginning of line)

    CMD – Right Arrow (Jump to end of line) 

    CMD – Delete (Delete everything on the current line to the left of the cursor) 

    Option – Delete (Delete the word to the left of the cursor, and its preceding space) 

    F1 (Dim Screen) 

    F2 (Brighten Screen) 

    F7 (Back one song) 

    F8 (Play/Pause Music) 

    F9 (Skip one song ahead) 

    F10 (Mute) F11 (Volume Down) 

    F12 (Volume Up) 

    Eject key (Show/hide on-screen keyboard) 

    Option – Shift (Any letter or number, alternative character)

    Shift – ↑(Select the Text Above)

    Shift – ↓(Select the Text Below)

    Shift – ←Select the Text on the Left)

    Shift – →(Select the Text on the Right)

    Shift – CMD – ↑(Select All Text to Beginning of Doc)

    Shift – CMD – ↓(Select All Text to End of Doc)

    Shift – CMD – ←(Select All Text to Beginning of Line)

    Shift – CMD – →(Select All Text to End of Line

    Shift – Option – ↑(Select the Text Above, Line by Line)

    Shift – Option – ↓(Select the Text below, Line by Line)

    Shift – Option – ←(Select the Text on the Left, Word by Word)

    Shift – Option – →(Select the Text on the Right, Word by Word)

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