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Voix Level 1 Level 1
I don't see how to set a Home page in Safari, or even see a Home button. This seems like a major oversight. Am I just overlooking something obvious?

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  • Niels Meersschaert Level 3 Level 3
    There is no such concept of a home page for Safari on the iPhone OS. The page that will display when you launch Safari is the last page you looked at in Safari. You can enable the bookmarks bar (in the Settings app) & place some common sites there, so it is one click to any of your favorites.
  • Robert Weber4 Level 1 Level 1
    open safari, go to the site you want as your home page, click the plus at top of screen to add bookmark, select add to home screen.
    That will place the safari icon with the image of the site you want on your home screen. Now when you click on this Safari icon it will open to your home screen. The other poster was correct there is no real home screen but this works fine for me.

    I also dragged the original icon of safari off the dock and added my new home page icon to the dock. So whenever I see the dock i see my safari home page
  • Voix Level 1 Level 1
    The problems with setting a Home screen icon are that it always opens a new page, and that you can't get from any site to your home page with one click. The problem with adding it to the bookmarks bar is that you can't reorganize the bar, and my bar is full already, requiring two taps to get home.
  • Robert Weber4 Level 1 Level 1
    I dont understand your first sentence. when you click on the icon i am talking about it brings you to the page you have set not a new page.

    You can only put 6 items on the dock, take the original safari icon off the dock and replace with the new one, you still have 6 items.

    Yes you need two taps to get back to your home page. From my use with the ipad, surfing with the ipad, is a different experience than with a laptop. You may discover that the home page is less important with the iPad
  • cyrus Level 1 Level 1
    There are bookmarks in the menu and there are bookmarks in the bar. If you place your "homepage" on the bar, it is the equivalent of having a homepage icon on the very top. If you want to clean up your bookmarks or bookmark bar, create folders.
  • jcgipad Level 1 Level 1
    I did this but was wondering if there was a way to adjust the icon it creates. instead of a picture of the page i went to, i would prefer the safari icon (especially if i want to replace Safari in the dock).