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This is a new one for me.

I've imported some MP4 files into iTunes that I want to be seen in iTunes and iPad as TV Shows. For all the MP4 entries in question I have set in Get Info:
- Options | Media Kind: TV Show
- Video | Show, Season Number, Episode Number
- Info | Name, Artist, Album Artist, Album

The videos play fine and show up in a playlist I have (via the iPod app). However, in Videos, I only see a thumbnail and no Text of any kind. If I click the thumbnail, I see a list of episodes but I only see the "Info | Name" - never any of the other information I've entered... to get around that I gave each of the Episodes their own name (i.e. Show Name 01, Show Name 02) but otherwise, I'd never know which episode was which.

I'm at a loss and the only two web pages I've seen on this involve iTunes 7; I'm on iTunes 9.1 and I did everything I can think of to have the meta data show up.


Core 2 Duo, Windows 7, iPad 64GB with iTunes 9.1
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