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  • ozziepete Level 1 (0 points)

    But mine doesn't ever display the season either, even on stuff downloaded from iTunes store.

  • Endareth Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep, more of the stupid design: If the videos on your iOS device are all from the same season, no season text is displayed. Smart idea or what? Combined with the inability to do video playlists, this is another reason I'm still using my old iPhone running 4.3 when I want to just watch videos in the background while doing stuff generally.

  • mjdennison Level 1 (0 points)

    OK I may be mad here but I think I've cracked it This is if like me you are in the UK (not sure about other areas.


    on your iPad go into "Settings"  then in the right hand window scroll down and go into "International" then in "Language" set at "British English" not just "English" then come back out of "Settings" and when you go into your shows and it should show the seasons underneath the graphic ansl you can also set the correct Language in iTunes as this may well help as well.  GOOD LUCK

  • mjdennison Level 1 (0 points)

    You will need to do iTunes language as well, if not wou will need to come out of and go back into British-English on the ipad to kick it back in again eacj time you put a new on on.

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    This is absolutly ridiculous! I´m from germany and i have some shows that display season title under the thumbnail. other dont show. After i set my settings in the ipad to british english and back again to german all shows shows up the season under the thumbnail! unbelievable!!! thx to "mjdennison" for the hint! These bug was driving me nuts for weeks now! it works 100% for me. thumbs up

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    Let me add myself to the list of people with this issue. Like the others, I either get "Season #" under the thumbnail images, or nothing at all. This happens even though I have filled in just about every applicable box in the properties box for the videos.


    I've never purchased any shows from the iTunes store. If anybody here has, can they tell us if the purchased shows have this same issue, or do they appear correctly? If they appear correctly, perhaps they could try to see what the difference is in the "Get Info" fields.

  • scienceboy Level 1 (0 points)

    OKay I dont undertand this error happening since IOS 3 !?! .  Apple should fix it so we can view our "TV Shows" via a list in the Videos App.  Seeing Thumbnails only with no labels undernear #$@%^ @^#%$

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    The entry for Show under Video on Get Info, is too long. There is a certain character length that will solve this issue I think.



    Original Show Name: Batman - The Animated Series

    Edited: Batman TAS


    Hope this helps... I have not read the whole thread.

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    The best thing I figured out is,

    since the Video app takes any old part of the tv show and uses this still picture as its icon, I add an album cover foto in itunes and the re-sync my ipod - that way the icon on the ipad is recognizable.


    not perfect but at least way I can recognise the tv show and dont have to click my way through all of my series to find the one I am looking for.

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    I found if you hold down the video until you get the x in the top left, then click the x as though you're going to delete the video, you receive a prompt confirming whether you want to delete the video and it includes its full name. At the prompt, simply cancel.

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    I spotted this within minutes of upgrade,ding to ios7. Went to the apple store the next morning after fiddling with settings all night long to no avail. "Genius" was kind enough to wipe my entire iPad doing a clean install, which of course, failed to accomplish anything.

    A call to Apple tech support led me to one person who told me that it was a new feature (ha!).  After  telling her that this made my iPad useless to me now for what I primarily use it for, I asked hoe to revert to IOS6, only to be told that you can't.


    When I responded that I wanted a replacement iPad with the older operating system from Apple, a supervisor came on the line, and told me that this was NOT by design, but a bug..


    If so, I guess we need to wait for an update to fix it.


    How Apple never noticed that one of the key reasons for having a retina display (video) had such a glaring error is beyond me..

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    No. Nothing solves it. And the suggestion of holding the video until the "x" pops up and then hitting cancel only shoes the name for that moment...then it goes away again. Opening the video shows the same thing, and then again, disappears when you close it.


    Such a gross oversigHt in beta and alpha testing. It's as if no one ever even opened the video app during testing OR development.

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    I lost all my video Info and just had the blank icons since I updated to the new software. I have found that with the ipad plugged in and showing in itunes, Right click on a film, click get info and just by clicking ok is enough to get the film titles back. It is a new icon and doesnt have a screen grab like before but at least it has the title and you can see what the films are. Unfortunately you have to do each film seperately and not all at once but at least it works

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    I have decided to add a cover pix to each show - that way I will know which one it is. Not the best solution and it costs time but at least I can organize..

  • William Donelson Level 4 (2,495 points)

    The reality is that Apple does not want you to see titles for stuff you have ripped or downloaded. Shows from the iTunes Store have thumbnails which include the name.


    Apple does 100s of things this way now. After all, it is not your property.  You are belong to Apple