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Hi. I have a 27" i7, few months old. I have a magic mouse and the cut down wireless keyboard that came with it - they are attached and working. I also have an additional Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse attached via USB. Up until an hour ago, they were both working perfectly. I'm pretty sure I haven't installed any logitech drivers, they just worked after I plugged them in.

This morning I popped the logitech mouse back in the cradle to charge it. This evening, ever since I've pulled it out of the cradle, the mouse cursor moves to the top left corner of the screen and stays there. I can't control the cursor at all with the Logitech mouse. The buttons seem to work - I can right click on the Apple menu.

I can use the magic mouse to move the cursor around, but as soon as I let it go it makes it's way diagonally up and left, eventually ending up in the corner (it moves at a moderate pace - about 5 seconds from bottom left to top right).

When I put the logitech mouse back in the cradle, the cursor frees up and moves (and stays) normally, using the magic mouse. (I suspect the logitech mouse 'switches off' when in the cradle). I've tried reconnecting the USB cradle, restarting the system, and re-syncing both mice.

Any ideas? Cheers.

iMac i7 27", Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    I have the exact same problem with my usb attached mouse (attached to the keyboard). My cursor is stuck in the upper left hand corner and will not budge. I've restarted from the OS disk, looked at system profiler - usb profile and the mouse appears. According to help info this means it should be software related, not hardware related. I've restarted the cpu multiple times logging in under differnt users. NOTHING WORKS! My mouse is stuck in the top left hand corner barely touching the apple icon. When the mouse clicks, the drop down menue appears so it is communicating with the cpu. However it just will not move/track anywhere! I'm an almost 20 yr mac user and have never run accross something like this before.


    FYI I can't reinstall by rebooting via OS disc because the mouse doesn't work.

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    Hi, we love to help everyone who visits the forum - BUT - it is decidedly bad manners to hijack a post.
    To ensure a better response please start your own post...L
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    As a member of several forums I've never seen it considered bad manners to chime into a thread when the 2 people are dealing with apparently the same/very similar issue. My input simply adds to the knowledge base for this problem. Considering no one has chimed in on a post from April I'd expect the OP to be thankful for the bump (I would be). However I have started my own thread before you had posted as I'm not dealing with a wireless keyboard/mouse as the OP is some of the time. Thanks for your input and I don't take offense just assume you're trying to be helpful to all involved. Heck I've already taken your advice


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    Hi, I'm obliged to my learn-ed friend for his civility. No offense meant by myself...L