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Recently, every time I click a link to download a file in Safari 4.0.5, instead of downloading the actual file, it downloads a 5-10k text file with the web site code in it. If I try copying the actual download link and pasting it into a new browser window, same result. I found a few posts with a similar problem and tried some of the suggestions - deleting the passwords.plist file, clearing the cache, cookies, etc. But none of it works.

Macbook Pro 17, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
  • Neville Hillyer Level 4 Level 4
    Does this happen with only one site?

    The usual cause is a badly configured web server - incorrect (or not set) mime type for the particular extension.

    It can also be caused by incorrect browser settings or corruption but I have rarely seen this.
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    Thanks for the response. Actually, I narrowed it down to a few file types. The file in question was an MSI file for a Windows server I was working on. But other types, like dmg and zip downloaded OK. I also have Codeweaver's Crossover, which is supposed to recognize Windows files like MSI. I wonder if there's some foulup between Crossover and Safari file handling.
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    From what you say it is most likely a server configuration problem particularly if it is related to unusual extensions and/or very few servers.

    Web servers ship with a basic list of extensions and the mime type it should use for each. It is up to the webmaster to maintain this list and add any new or unusual extensions to it.

    There are many pages about this but the following is not a bad place to start: