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My wife and I had shared an iTunes account on my laptop previously. I bought her a new macbook and she wants to set up her own iTunes account so she doesn't have to listen to my "crappy music". Will the songs on her iPod that were currently registered to my iTunes account.

Will they synch into her new library from her iPod? Or will she be forced to re-purchase?

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    Hello wpp764s,

    If they were purchased from your account, you will have to authorize her new Macbook in order for her to be able to play the songs. To get these songs onto her new Macbook, plug the iPod in, and then choose *File -> Transfer Purchases*. For more help, see this Apple support document.

    From there, she will have to restore her iPod (or "Erase and Sync") so the iPod can associate itself with the new iTunes library.

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    So, I'd need to go to my iTunes account and authorize her new computer. Would I then need to synch her iPod again after this change (hope not) or once the authorization is made can I just got open a new account and transfer the purchases?
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    Yes. If you want her to be able to play iTunes purchases that were made on your account, you will need to authorize her Macbook first. You can do this by going to the Store drop down menu in iTunes on her computer and choosing *Authorize Computer*. Then enter in your account credentials.

    You can then use the *File -> Transfer Purchases* option to transfer these purchases over to the new computer.

    From there, you can open a new iTunes account for her and the rest is history.

    once the authorization is made can I just got open a new account and transfer the purchases?

    So yes. You have to authorize your account on her computer through her iTunes library.