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Commishmac Level 1 (0 points)
I entered several items directly on my iPAD calendar. How do I get them to show up on my iMAC calendar? Sync links both calendars but does not move items entered into iPAD to main computer iCAL.

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iMAC 7,1, Mac OS X (10.6.2), none
  • kdewindt Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem trying to sync items entered on my iPad with the calendars on Even though my iPad shows up on, the calendar items entered on the iPad do not appear on the calendar, nor can I find any way to add the iPad calendar to the mobileme calendar page.
    Any solutions?
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)
    Have you turned on the Push settings in the iPad settings area?
  • Commishmac Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes. This got the iPad entries to sync to mobileme, but my iMac main computer calendar does not seem to sync those entries onto my main iCal.
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)
    Go into system preferences on the computer, then into MobileMe preferences.
    Check you are logged into MobileMe.
    Click on the Sync Tab and check that Calendars are set to sync.
    The click the sync button and make sure you select merge if asked.
  • dcasavechia Level 1 (0 points)
    I was unable to get events created on my ipad to sync to my ical. This is what apple told me that fixed the problem.

    goto applications folder
    open isync
    goto the isync preferences
    under advance there will be an option to "reset sync history"
    If it is greyed out be sure that your ipad is attached and turned on.
    Once you have reset the history everything worked great.

    note: there is no need to setup the ipad device using isync. You only need to hit the reset.

    Hope that helps
  • ajch73 Level 1 (0 points)
    That was also the solution for my mobileme sync'ing problem (items in my MBP's iCal from prior to July 1, 2010 appeared fine on MobileMe Calendar; however, items added to iCal after then would not appear on MobileMe). All of my own attempts to Reset Sync Data using System Prefs > MobileMe > .... were unsuccessful. The Genius Bar was also stumped.

    What did the trick (after several months of trying) was opening Applications > iSync > Preferences > Reset Sync History. I then deleted everything from MobileMe Calendar. Then I used System Prefs > MobileMe > Sync > Advanced > Reset Sync Data > choose Direction : Computer to Cloud. Success!
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    I've done everything all these users recommend, but I still can't get items from IPAD iCAL to sync up to MAC iCAL.  I am not a MobileMe user, nor do I intend to become one.  Does anyone know for sure that Apple supports bi-direction syncing of iCAL?  And if so, what do I need to set, and where do I need to set it?  i.e. on the MAC or on the iPAD?

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    Select the iPad in iTunes.

    Click the Info tab at top.

    Scroll to the bottom and select Sync iCal calendars.



  • ecbipaduser Level 1 (0 points)

    This is how I have it set up but it only syncs entries from Mac to iPad.  Items entered on iPad never show up on mac.  Is there something else to set, perhaps on the iPad, to push the entries onto the Mac iCal?

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    Make sure you have selected to sync All calendars.

  • ecbipaduser Level 1 (0 points)

    yes, "all calendars" is selected.  do you know if iPAD to MAC sync of iCAL is supported at all?  i've found another discussion thread that is in archives that suggests resetting iSYNC history on the mac, restarting the MAC while all devices are disconnected, then opening iCAL on MAC, backing up iCAL and then deleting all calendars, then restoring iCAL from backup and then plug in device (iPAD in my case) and perform a sync.  it still doesn't carry items from iPAD to MAC.  someone suggested it's a problem with an OSX snow leopard patch that fixed a problem with the iPHONE.  but that discussion is done/archived, and i don't see anything that suggests the problem is fixed, other than the fact that it seems i'm the only CURRENT person complaining.  if it's not a supported direction of syncing, then i'm just going to have to change how i do my calendar from now on.  it didn't seem to be a problem originally, only recently, though i can't say for sure.

    here is the link to the related archived discussion:

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    ecbipaduser wrote:


    yes, "all calendars" is selected.  do you know if iPAD to MAC sync of iCAL is supported at all?

    Yes it is supported.


    I had issues with multiple events showing up so I went to Yahoo! calendar and use that to sync instead of syncing iPad calendar events with the computer. I have my computer and iPad both sync so anytime I create an event on the iPad or the computer, it shows up on the other automatically.

    Google calendar will work the same.

    -> Yahoo! calendar sync

    -> Google calendar iPad

  • bobsupport22 Level 1 (0 points)

    Potential solution through simple process: I now get this to work (from calendar entries or changes on the iPad or iPhone) and they do now sync back to my MacBook Pro iCal app. 


    The KEY to getting this all to work was to go to iCal and right click (two finger or control/click) on any calendar name (i.e. Home, Work, Birthdays, etc.) in the upper left corner.  Then click "Refresh All".  This is what changed everything to now auto update calendar changes back to the Mac iCal (never had problems going the other way from Mac to iPhone or iPad.)


    Hope this helps!

  • ecbipaduser Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, i WANT to try that, but "REFRESH" and "REFRESH ALL" are dim lit and i can't get them to be bold so that i can select them.  i also tried forcing it with command-R and SHIFT-command-R and it just makes that reject boink sound.


    i'm going to try a restore of my iPAD now, for lack of any other advice. 


    thanks for folks continuing to try to solve this issue!

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