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My Itunes was working fine 2 days ago untill there was an update for it, i installed the update and now my itunes wont open. I've uninstalled everything from Apple and reinstalled it but still itunes wont open. Any ideas what to do next please?

Acer, Windows 7
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    Many people have been having the same problems this week because of he update. Someone on the forum mentioned uninstalling "Bonjour". +Bonjour locates devices such as printers, other computers, and the services that those devices offer on a local network - Wikipedia.+ If you have never needed it uninstall it. You could also try typing "MSCONFIG" in the Run selection under the accessories folder and un-checking it under the "Services" tab.

    I personally have had the same problems. What i did was i un-checked it on the MSCONFIG menu first and then uninstalled Bonjour.

    Hope all this helps
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    It was definitely Bonjour that has caused this problem. It has taken me days to find out why suddenly I can't open Itunes after an Apple update. I found this thread. Removed Bonjour and now all is fine.