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marcbeaudry Level 1 (0 points)
i've got one message - i can delete it - but the minute i exit the app - and re open MAIL - the message has returned - i've tried deleting the message rebuilding the mailbox - the message reappears.
i've tried deleting the message- deleting the MAil message plist and restarting the machine.
the message reappears .
all thoughts ideas and suggestions are welcome

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
  • azamino Level 4 (1,620 points)
    if you can find the .emlx number of the mail itself you can go to User/Library/Mail and find that email itself and delete it through Finder.
    I cant discover an easy way to find out the .emlx number however.
    This way is workable however: make a temp folder/drag that email into it/make sure that email is the only email in that folder/go to Library/Mail/Mailboxes/folder/and double click the email to be sure you got the right one/then use Finder Delete to delete it
  • Glenn Carter Level 4 (3,360 points)
    Here is another approach as well. The original poster does not say who is their email provider (MobileMe? Gmail? Yahoo? etc...). However, most email providers have a Webmail interface that you can log into via a browser.

    You might try logging in and deleting the troublesome email there. Then quit and relaunch and see if the email is now gone. With an IMAP account this is surely to work. But even if it is a POP account it might resolve the issue since your email provider might keep downloading the same email to your Mac even though you keep deleting it. So either way this procedure might resolve the issue.

    Let us know. Cheers!
  • marcbeaudry Level 1 (0 points)
    Hello all, thank you for your comments and suggestions,
    my service provider is Sympatico - i deleted all messages there, also deleted them from the trash. deleted the message in question from Mac Mail , exited and restarted the app. the message had returned.
    i then tried creating a new folder - this was interesting - although i can delete
    (temporarily) the message - it would'nt allow me to actually move it !
    i get the -'' an error occured while moving messages to mailbox TEMP - On My Mac''
  • Glenn Carter Level 4 (3,360 points)
    Go back into your service provider's Webmail interface and see if the message has returned there as well. If it has then delete it there again.

    Now go back to and select the accounts Inbox. Go up to the Mailbox menu and select "Rebuild".

    Let us know if this helps. Is this a IMAP or POP account. You may need to contact your email service and see if they can delete the message from their servers.
  • marcbeaudry Level 1 (0 points)
    went back to my POP account , at my service providers user interface.
    the email in question , which i had already deleted there - was in fact still deleted. i then tried rebuilding the inbox in my Mail app. after having deleted the message anew. exited the app, relaunched it - and there it was - returned...
    -''the cat came back the very next day...'' or possibly Grounghog day is more mainstream ?
    i'm beginning to get the impression that i will forever live with this message..
  • Glenn Carter Level 4 (3,360 points)
    Try this: CTR-Click (right-click) on the errant message. In the contextual box that appears chose "Move To..." and select Trash. Does it get moved?

    Now go up to the Mailbox menu and select Erase Deleted Items --> In All Accounts.

    Any change?
  • marcbeaudry Level 1 (0 points)
    Glenn - i'm thankful you are as persistent as this message !
    I followed your suggestion to the letter - exited the app, relaunched Mail,
    and my message had returned.i've written to the sender- a mail order outfit called - and they indicate that it is not ( as i suggested) a little 'viral sales feature' that they add to emails so that customers wont forget them...
  • direwolf8 Level 4 (1,280 points)
    an error occured while moving messages to mailbox TEMP

    Since it can't move the message, it will continue to appear. Check out mailbox TEMP and fix the permissions/ownership as needed.
  • Glenn Carter Level 4 (3,360 points)
    Let's try something that has been suggested by one of our other contributors here. I'm confident it will work, but hesitated to suggest it in the event some of these other, easier, suggestions worked.

    Let's establish a few things first:
    So the recalcitrant email is still in your INBOX. Is that correct?
    You were not able to move it anywhere else?
    Do you have many other messages in this mailbox besides the troublesome email?
    Do you have Mail configured to received mail from more than one email account?

    Quit Mail.
    Go to Home Folder/Library/Mail.
    Look for a folder labeled with your email address. It might appear as:

    POP-youremailaddress ...or...

    Open the folder and go to INBOX/Messages.
    You are going to see a list of numbers each ending in".emlx". Highlight the first one and hit CMD-Y. This will open the message in QuickView. If this is NOT the message then, while QuickView is still visible, hit the down arrow to view the next message. Keep doing this until you find the email in question.

    When you have found the message, close the QuickView window and hit CMD-I. This opens the Get Info window. Scroll down to the bottom and note the Sharing & Permissions. It should read something like:

    yourusername (Me): Read & Write
    everyone: No Access

    Is that what you see? If not, click the gold lock icon in the lower right and enter your username and password for logging into this Mac. Now change your "Privilege" to "Read & Write". Then close the Get Info window.

    Leave this window open and go back to Mail and see if you can now delete this message. If you still cannot delete it, then quit Mail, go back to the finder window in which you discovered the message (it should still be highlighted - you can double-check with QuickView) and drag it to the trash.

    Relaunch Mail and see if the message is now gone. Let us know what happens.
  • marcbeaudry Level 1 (0 points)
    the message can not be moved.
    i've emptied my mailbox for the purpose of the excercise (excorcism ?)
    in essence - the proposal is to delete the message in all it's possible locations.
    once this is achieved -i relaunch the application and the message - is replaced by another email taken from a mailbox .
    so - follow the same process - delete email, find it's copies in all MAil folders - delete them , exit Mail - relaunch it - IF i was able to delete the mail - when i relaunch the app another new one shows up to take it's place- if not , i hunt down where ever else it can be deleted from (i'll eventually come across an email i dont want to delete though ) delete it , exit , relauch the app - and i have another email step up into the Inbox to take the place of the finally deleted old one.
    there doesnt seem to be much logic to the resurfacing email.
    not from the same folder, sender, possibly the date is the same though...
  • Glenn Carter Level 4 (3,360 points)
    Very bizarre Marc. So you INBOX refuses to remain empty?

    Can't remember if you discussed this or not, but do you have any rules set up? How many? And what are they designed to achieve?
  • marcbeaudry Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi Glenn,
    i dont have any rules - i had set one up that specifically junked any mail from
    the sender of the first message - i've deleted that rule - no changes there .
    so yes , in fact - my inbox refuses to remain empty - and specifically re uses the same email to keep something in it - but this is regardless of new emails or not . what i mean to say is - the same email message returns whether or not i've got recently arrived mail - or not.
  • Glenn Carter Level 4 (3,360 points)
    Can't remember if you have tried this yet:

    Quit Mail and go to Home folder/Library/Mail and rename the Envelope Index to "Old Envelope Index".

    Then relaunch Mail. It will take a minute or two to re-index your mailboxes. Let us know what happens. Cheers!
  • marcbeaudry Level 1 (0 points)
    bingo .
    Glenn - you're a prince - thanks so very much for your tolerance - i honestly didnt expect to solve this one - or that anyone would persevere with suggestions and ideas as long as you have.
    my warmest regards,

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