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My 1st Gen Ipod Touch has lost its brightness, I can still see on the screen but only when I keep it under a bright light, the screen has lost its own brightness, but then I had a peculiar observation, after around 45 days I found my old touch in my drawer and decided to give it a try, to my surprise when I plugged it into a charger the red-battery charging indicator was glowing with screen brightness, so I thought my Ipod screen had got its brightness back, but like 4-5 minutes when enough battery had charged for the Ipod to boot, during the boot process the screen again lost its brightness. So now I know for sure that the screen is not broken, it is some other issue. Has anyone else faced the same issue ?

Is it that the battery is broken and is not able to generate enough power for the screen, because I am assuming when the battery was charging from zero charge the Ipod must have been drawing power straight from supply.

Anybody got any ideas ?

Ipod Tpuch, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    I've got one idea. It sounds like you may be dealing with insufficient power. If you're charging from a USB connection, especially from a hub, or from an overloaded power source, this could be the problem. Try charging from a wall outlet (if you have one). If you're using USB, connect directly to your Mac's USB cable - not a hub.

    Since you didn't mention your system, I'm presuming you have a Mac.
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    I have tried it on both PC USB slots and wall outlets. And no I do not have a Mac. As I said even while charging from a drained battery state it shows brightness but only for a minute or two, as soon as it gets to booting state the brightness goes away.
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    Ok. This might be the most obvious.
    then crank up the brightness with the slider and turn off auto brightness.
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    Of course I tried all that, I have tried all the basic possible solutions, this is something more. I had give up hope on it but then when I saw the screen light up on charging from a drained battery I realized it is not a screen issue, it is something else. The screen is not broken, something else is.
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    Don't worry you are not alone. I also have had that problem and I am trying to get it fixed as well
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    If "something else is" broken, then I'm afraid to mention that it may be hardware issue. If you live near an Apple Store, have them take a look at it. At least, they'll be able to determine whether it's repairable and at what cost.
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    I have just had the same problem with an iPod touch which had a fully drained battery. It has now been fully charged but even with brightness put at max, there is no brightness to the screen. All else seems to be working but you need a light to peer into the screen. Did you get your problem fixed, and how? Regards Eric
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    I also got this problem within 5 months after purchase. I have tried all charging methods, it shows full charge also, and works well, but all with the lights off. I can see things if I can show it in bright light !
    If anyone is able to find a solution, please write about it.
    The most funny part is, the light comes back after a couple of days, and then sometimes stays for 1-2 days, and then starts becoming inconsistent and goes off ! then again, after some days... no pattern... no clue what is happening....
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    i got same problem too i ve no idea whats wrong with mine so i call apple they said they gonna fix that i ve to pay ( $199.00 ) its almost the same amount if u buy new one cos i just expired the warranty it suck!