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*As many other, I have had wireless problems including intermittent connectivity as well as the loss of WEP security settings. After 5 days of reading these posts and troubleshooting, I decided to get into Xcode and start some debugging. I wanted to post some preliminary data so that others could get a look at it right away. I will do some thorough testing today and post the results here.*

Here are some things I figured out so far. I have listed my findings and the supporting debug data below. (debug info is in italic)


*Some setup info:*

I am using Verizon Fios provided Actiontec (Firmware Version:
I have had 50% less failures using WPA2 as compared to using WEP

_+AppleBCMWLAN Joined BSS: @ 0xc3d1d800, BSSID = 00:18:01:eb:72:87, rssi = -49, rate = 54 (100%), channel = 3, encryption = 0xc, ap = 1, failures = 0, age = 2, ssid 5 = "M9YW1"+_

All of my tests have been about 15 feet from the router while tethered over USB to be able to receive the debug data. The battery status is "not charging" since I am on a Macbook, however the power is sustained and not dropping power.

1. There are several power modes and they are changed before and after IP address is received over DHCP. The power management scheme looks to raise the power to the device during network discovery and DHCP discovery, and then lower the power after the IP is received.

2. Clicking on the wireless section inside of the settings menu causes a "wakeup" of the interface if it has become unresponsive.

3. The following error regarding network cache shows my network name M9YW1. This error repeats about 20 times and correlates to the times the wireless drops.

_+WiFiManager(Private) _scanCompletedWithResults:: Had to add our current network(M9YW1) back into our network cache+_

4. Bad gateway error comes up periodically even though previous debugs show the correct address, as well as the devices settings reflecting it's using the correct address. (not to mention it's communicating with the router just fine up to this point)

_+<Debug>: nd6_rtrequest: bad gateway value: en0+_

5. This one is interesting since I am using WPA and it still returns a True for WPA and WEP.
_+WiFiNetworkGetProperty CaptiveNetwork for M9YW1 : isHidden=0, isEAP=0, isWPA=1, isWEP=1 returned NULL+_

Interface coming up and getting IP:

_+AppleBCMWLAN::setPOWER() configd: Setting power state to 1+_
_+AppleBCMWLANNetManager::prepareToBringUpLink(): Delaying powersave entry in order to get an IP address+_
_+AppleBCMWLANNetManager::receivedIPv4Address(): Received IP Address: entering powersave mode: 2+_

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