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Hi. This just happened all of a sudden. My I tried to unlock my iphone, and the screen went black. Its not off because when I press the "silent or Volume" buttons the symbols show up on the screen. Every time I turn it off and on again I see the white Apple Logo and then my background briefly before it shuts off. It is also talking to me as well. When I press unlock the phone says "unlock phone enter passcode" and it reads back every button I blindly press. It wont unlock though or show anything on the screen. Also when I double-tap the phone with 3 fingers it shuts the voice on or off. I think it has to do with accessibility settings. I tried recovering it but no luck. Any Ideas?

-Thanks in Advance

3GS, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    Have you tried inputing your passcode and unlocking your iPhone? Does the screen stay blank after it is unlocked?

    With the VoiceOver accessibility feature on, it will read off any button that is tapped, but it will not perform the buttons function until it has been confirmed. Once you have selected a button, you have to double tap to confirm it. For example, if you tap the number 5, it will say "Five" and then if you double-tap anywhere on the screen, the iPhone will then enter 5 into the input (in your case, the passcode). In this way, you can enter in the passcode and unlock the iPhone. I'm not sure if you have already done this, but if the screen stays blank after unlocking the iPhone, try these. Hopefully one method will work:

    1. Hard reset/reboot: Press and hold both the home button and sleep/wake button until it restarts. Keep the buttons held until it reboots.

    2. Restore: Restore through iTunes by attaching your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable, opening iTunes, selecting your iPhone in the left pane, then selecting the restore option in the right pane. Remember to "restore from the backup of" first, and then if the problem persists, then "set up as a new iphone."

    3. Recovery: Force your iPhone into recovery mode and restore from there. To do this, turn it off (or, if you cannot turn it off, try it while it is on/frozen). Then, press and hold the home button. Keeping it held, plug your iPhone into iTunes via the USB cable. Keep holding down the home button until the screen showing a USB cable and an iTunes icon appears. Then, iTunes will recognize your iPhone, and you can do a restore.

    4. As a last resort, take it into an Apple Store to get it replaced. If your iPhone is still under warranty they will replace it with no charge. You can also mail it in to Apple.

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