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When I plug in my iPod, everything acts normal, like charging and stuff, but my iPod's name doesn't appear on the little menu on the left! I don't know what to do... T_T

Compaq, Windows XP, ...?
  • Jeff* Level 5 Level 5 (4,900 points)
    check the following to see if it helps:
  • ricketti Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I second KorosDragon's inquiry. The article that Jeff links to has not resolved the issue. I have uninstalled and re-installed iTunes three times now--the iPod (a mini, also) always works at first after reinstallation of the software and I am able to transfer songs. However, now I'm back to the same problem. I plug in my iPod and it's recognized by My Computer, but iTunes and iPod Updater 2005-10-12 (which says to "Plug in an iPod" even though it's already plugged in!)....NOTHING!!

    This is getting really frustrating. If anyone knows of ANY article on either Microsoft's website or elsewhere in Apple Discussions, please let us know because this whole thing is making me think that iPods are simply incompatible with Windows!!
  • Jeff* Level 5 Level 5 (4,900 points)
    out of curiousity, what type of computer are you using?

    check the properties on the USB port you are connecting to and see if it is a high or low powered USB2 port
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    Hi, I'm having the same problem as Ricketti. The ipod mine was previously work well with my previous laptop. I've just change it and install the ipod software from CD. As I've transfer the songs from my previous laptop, I can still locate while I first start-up my i-tunes (after reinstall the ipod software). The screen shown "updating" once i 1st connected, but subsequent to that, I can charge my ipod mini, but i can't update the songs anymore. (The screen on ipod shown charging, but inside the iTunes programme, it's shown "iPod is not connected". What can I do now?
    The laptop i'm currently using is IBM T40 (Windows XP). How to check whether the USB port is low or high powered? even if it's shown high or low, what can I do to solve the problem? Thanks for advise!!
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    Well, now things are worse. Thinking that not having Windows XP Service Pack 2 was perhaps why iTunes wasn't recognizing my iPod (i.e., "system issues"), I updated my computer to Service Pack 2. Now my iPod isn't even recognized by the computer when I plug it in ("USB port doesn't recognize device, which has either malfunctioned or may be out of service"). Oh, wait a sec! NOW once again it IS recognized by My Computer, but of course, iTunes still doesn't recognize it. This typically happens, where I have to plug in my iPod mulitple times before the computer recognizes it. Not sure if that's a clue as to the problem?

    As to whether my USB port(s) are high-power or low-power, I belive they are indeed USB 2.0 high-power b/c the iPod mini manual claims that if my iPod is charging when connected (which it is), then it is connected to a USB 2.0 high-power port. So I don't think I have the wrong USB port, especially when the thing was working four days ago!!

    This is bordering on ridiculous. Why hasn't Apple adequately addressed this issue when there are clearly so many people with the same problem?
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    i am having the same exact problem and i followed all of the steps on the support site...what do i do????

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    Inexplicably, I came home from work tonight, reset my iPod (unplugged from computer) just for the heck of it, replugged it into my computer (same USB port as I always use, on the front of the Dell Dimension I have), and lo and behold, iTunes started up and everything was working again. Transferred several albums without a problem, ejected the iPod, and now all is well. (??)

    I have no idea what's going on, whether it's just a "moody" device, or what! It's working now, but I'm not holding my breath and expecting it to perform flawlessly from now on.

    Sorry I don't have any advice for those having problems. All I can say is that mine wasn't working with iTunes, and now it is, although I have no idea what I might have done to get it working again. Maybe just resetting the iPod multiple times??

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    So what is the conclusion? can technical support staff provide some pro advice?? I'm not going to keep on plug in and off against the port again! despite i've tried many tries..(so frusturated...) If carrying on to do so.. who is gonna bear the maintenance cost if it's spoilt??

    by the way, ricketti.. after u delete and reinstall the iTunes, will ur music still there?? i'm referring the grouping and locating file... do u need to redo the grouping again???
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    Sorry, I accidentally posted twice!
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    check the following to see if it helps:

    Thanks for the link, Jeff. Unfortunately, I've tried everything on the list up to the last option, Restore, and nothing has worked. So I went to restore my iPod, but then I realized I have a major problem: how can I restore my iPod if iTunes isn't recognizing it? It shows up in Windows Explorer, but when I pull up the iPod Updater software to restore, it inevitably tells me to plug in an iPod in order to update it, when my iPod is already plugged in.
    I'd really appreciate any help anyone can offer me here. I'm really frustrated and I'd really like to fix this sometime in the next day or so because my iTunes is on my computer at school, I'm leaving for home for Thanksgiving break tomorrow afternoon, and I'd like to have all the new music I just bought on my iPod over break.
    But once again, thanks to anyone who can give me any kind of advice!
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    by the way, ricketti.. after u delete and reinstall
    the iTunes, will ur music still there?? i'm referring
    the grouping and locating file... do u need to redo
    the grouping again???

    Yes, removing iTunes will not affect either your music or your playlists. Both times I re-installed iTunes it returned to the exact same state and playlists in which it was in before I removed it.

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    im having the exact same problem guys.. itunes dont recognize my ipod.. wat seems to be the problem with ipod/apple? maybe the other guy said it right, maybe the ipod really is not compatible with windows! wat should we do then?? Hey APPLE guys, could u atleast try to help us by giving some advice or instructions? cos we really need it!!

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    Hi, I have a question about your USB question. How would the use of a non-high speed usb port affect the ipod? For instance, If explorer recognizes the device then it would seem as though the connection is fine, right? But itunes itself doesn't recognize it. It's not that the problem has been from the beginning, it just happened. So I guess what Im asking, could it be the usb port even if it is working according to explorer. Also, just a quick note, I ran the ipod self diagnostic and it says that there is no firewall connection. What do you think, and is any other info from the self diagnostic important?
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    I feel as though this is a wide spread problem, because I also have it, and if so many of us posting here all have the same problem and the tech support site. They either need to acknowledge this and do something or...just do something!!

    Oh, I called apple tech support and then told me it was 49 dollars for call in tech support because i was past my 90 free call in whatever. And i said "that is ******* ridiculous" and then he told me there are other options like this useless website. Then I hung up, thank you apple.
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