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I'm travelling in Europe with my iPad. I created iTunes account with US address, without US credit card, redeemed $100 gift certificate. Successfully registered iPad, purchased some apps via iTunes, was able to access all services incl App store and iBooks on iPad via WiFi. Downloaded a few free books from iBooks. Then after 2 days of excitement my iPad can't connect to iBooks, App store and some sites in Safary incl Apple.com but it can browse other sites incl google.

I tried everything incl clearing cookies, cache, resetting network settings, even hard reset and recovery. The problem stays. Yet I still have access to App store in iTunes and have some money left on US account. WiFi works fine and I have no problem browsing the web incl Apple.com on my PC.

Help!!! Before I sold the iPad or smashed it

win xp, Windows XP Pro