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I'm travelling in Europe with my iPad. I created iTunes account with US address, without US credit card, redeemed $100 gift certificate. Successfully registered iPad, purchased some apps via iTunes, was able to access all services incl App store and iBooks on iPad via WiFi. Downloaded a few free books from iBooks. Then after 2 days of excitement my iPad can't connect to iBooks, App store and some sites in Safary incl Apple.com but it can browse other sites incl google.

I tried everything incl clearing cookies, cache, resetting network settings, even hard reset and recovery. The problem stays. Yet I still have access to App store in iTunes and have some money left on US account. WiFi works fine and I have no problem browsing the web incl Apple.com on my PC.

Help!!! Before I sold the iPad or smashed it

win xp, Windows XP Pro
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    There is no solution yet. We european pre-buyers - I have bought mine in NY - are suffering, too. It seems, that not the account is used to block users but the IP-Range your request is coming from. And that is Europe and the iPad is not released here. iTunes is working, iBooks and especially AppStore not. You can buy and load Apps using iTunes on your Mac/PC. Regarding this I dont understand why Apple is blocking the direct way to buy Apps, but we have to deal with it. So: No help in sight before May when the iPad is released in Europe.
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    if that's the case then I'm angry like ****:

    1) that's unfair to US residents with a US account and with money left on the account who have to be outside of the States and can't use their iPads to the full! Apple please solve this problem and stop blocking US account holders!

    2) anyway what's the point in blocking access to some web sites (US based?) incl Apple or Amazon in Safary!!!??

    3) is there any way to get around this issue? any IP address solution for iPad?

    4) such a policy by Apple just provoke decent people to look for hacking-unlocking solution to make $600 device browsing the Web without restrictions!
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    ipadforeva wrote:
    Apple please solve this problem and stop blocking US account holders!

    Apple doesn't officially monitor these forums for feedback — you can do that here:


     ~ Alancito
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    Btw... Amazon.com is not blocked for me. I have bought some eBooks using the KindleApp and the KindleApp opens a safari browser window and it worked fine. Have to try apple.com, but I remember I did my first post on this boards using my iPad. So it should work, too.
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    why wad ipad been working properly and accessing ibook and rest for a day or so before it stoped?

    why it wasn't blocked due to IP issue from the start?

    could the access problem be caused by some app I installed (eg for pdf uploading to ipad or drawing)?

    if it worked in the beginning there should a way to make it work again? though resetting hasn't helped yet?