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When will iTunes offer CD quality 320 kbps bitrate for songs sold on iTunes? I have a large and growing collection of electronic and trance music, and I'm also an amateur electronic and trance music producer using GarageBand. For sampling other people's tracks it is important to have a good quality encoding, 320 kbps at least.

I used to use iTunes regularly until about a year ago because I found music sites like Beatport, Audiojelly and so on, which offer 320 kbps as the standard encoding bitrate for all of their music. I purchase at least $50-60 of music every month online, but in the last year none of this money has been spent on iTunes.

I don't want 256 or 128 kbps songs, I want the highest quality, which is currently 320 kbps.

When will iTunes make this standard on their store?

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