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Hi folks,

We're new to Apple computing and preparing for new iPhones and an iPad as a start. Would like to make sure we use the best setup for our main iTunes computer at home.

I understand one computer running iTunes can sync with up to three iPhones or iPads, is this correct? We'll have two iPhones and one iPad to start, we're thinking about building a master library of music, videos, and apps on the main home computer and syncing to all three devices - is that the best way to handle it? Are the Apps licensed to run on multiple devices, or do you have to buy a license for each device?


iPad, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    I'm a bit new to this also, but now have an iPod Touch and an iPad, and am syncing them both to one iTunes computer. Seems to be working fine. iTunes recognizes which device is currently connected and maintains separate sync configurations for each.

    I have the iPod Touch set up to automatically sync all music, videos, podcasts, etc, when connected. (All but the ones unchecked in the library listing, this is only 10 or so high res videos that I want to sync only to the iPad.) So the iPod Touch is essentially set to sync everything but a few exceptions.

    Then the iPad I have configured to only sync selected files. Those are the high res movies I want only on the iPad, a few of the apps, some music videos, etc. So the iPad is set up kind of opposite to how the iPod is set. That is, instead of syncing almost everything, sync only those items explictedly selected.

    So when I add a new for example high res movie to the iTunes library, I unchecked it in the library listing which prevents it from being synced to the iPod, and I checked it on the movie tab of the iPad device so that it IS synced to the iPad.

    Works fine.

    At this point most of my apps sync to the iPod Touch. I have a few like the Kindle app, USA Today, etc that are also synced to the iPad also. Those were free so I guess no problem with licensing.

    I did briefly try additionally syncing a 99-cent game to both the iPod and the iPad and that worked fine. Not sure if this will hold for all paid-for apps or not.

    Anyway, good luck with your new setup.
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    I had no problems loading anything I bought for my iphone over the past year onto my iPad. I believe they view it as your the purchaser and can load on all your devices.

    I think when you hook someones elses iphone to your computer it notifies you that this iphone is synced with another computer and asks if you would like to sync with this one. It then erases the phone and shows up on that machine for syncing.

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    Each device (iPad, iPhone, or iTouch) can be synced to the same library on your dedicated computer. You can vary the content from that library for each device or make them all the same. As far as I know there is no limit to the number of devices that can be synced to a single library. I have at least two iPhones, multiple iPods and one iPad synced to my library with no problems. Any apps, music, or videos you purchase should run on all of the devices that are synced to that library.
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    Hi folks,

    Thanks so much for the quick responses - most appreciated!