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We've been providing access to recorded QT video materials via SMIL playlists to QuickTime player embed-ed into web pages for some time and until the recent 7.6.6 update had no trouble with playback.

Now when clients who have updated to 7.6.6 view a movie via our SMIL file the video plays ok but its audio is stuttered and distorted, to the point of being incomprehensible. If the same videos are played back directly (ie the qtsrc attrib points directly at the media file) the video and audio play back fine. And if the video is downloaded to the clients desktop it also plays back ok.

This problem is present on Windows Vista and Windows 7, and in recent versions of Firefox and IE. We do not see this problem on our OSX test machines.

Here's a sample of the kind of embed we're using, with qtsrc pointing to the SMIL file in this case:

id="main_movie" type="video/quicktime"
scale="tofit" controller="false" autoplay="true" bgcolor="#000000" enablejavascript="true"
qtsrc="http://OURSERVER.COM/OURPLAYLIST.smi?id=HASHOFID&format=quicktime&playli st=0418060http://OURSERVER.COM/data/FILENAME.mp4;"
align="center" height="180" width="320">

And here's a sample SMIL file as served up to browsers...

<video src="http:/OURSERVER.COM/sample_mpeg4.mp4"/>

note: although our SMIL files usually reference our own encoded mp4 media we see the same problem if the playlist points to other sources, including the sample QT files from

If anyone can suggest how we might solve this, or think of further information that might lead to us solving this problem please reply here and I can furnish it.

thanx in advance,

Windows 7
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