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I want to access (search) more than 200 of my exchange emails. Is there any way to jailbreak the 200 email limit and/or is there a reader app that will access a .pst file?
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    I'm not absolutely sure about mail accounts not set up as exchange accounts. However, your exchange accounts sync mail bases on how old the messages are. You can configure your account so that no messages are too old to sync. The 200 messages you are referencing is the most it will show you at once, but a spotlight search will give you access to all your old messages
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    You don't need to jailbreak anything. Just go to the Settings, select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", click your email account, and in the window that will appear set the "Mail Days to Sync" to "No Limit". You then should be able to see all your mail in Exchange; I have over 1100 messages in my Sent folder and have no problems seeing them all. Note, of course, that if you have a lot of messages, it will take a while to sync them all.

    I'm not aware of any iPad app that can read an Outlook .pst file. I don't even know of any Mac apps that can, if you have a Mac.

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    Dan McKinney wrote:
    is there a reader app that will access a .pst file?

    Not directly but if you have a copy of Outlook on a computer, which can access your IMAP/online email account, you can open up the PST and drag the folders one at a time across onto your online email folders and they will migrate to your other account which you can view on your iPhone. Its a bit slow due to the upload speed limits, particularly of MobileMe, but it get there eventually.
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    I found the answer to be that there is an option in the individual email account setup, where you can choose your sync level.  I changed mine to no limit and then was able to access all my emails.



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    Said that three months ago, Petra, so you're a bit late to this party.

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    I tried what you suggested, but I don't see a "Mail Days to Sync" option under any of my email accounts or on the page that comes up before I select a specific account. Maybe this is because I have an iPad 3 and your reply applies to an earlier model? I'm very frustrated because my "load more messages" button appears and disappears with no apparent logic. It bears no relationship to how many messages that are currently read into my iPad or even to the number of messages I tell it to read in - I increased that limit to the maximum of 1,000 and still the button won't reappear. I know I have hundreds more messages to read in because I saw them on my laptop.