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I know enough about computers to be dangerous, so if this is a silly question, I apologize.

I am able to use VPN and remote desktop from my home computer to log into my work computer. This is very useful as I am able to access my work documents and applications that I couldn't do so otherwise.

I am purchasing the Ipad 3G 32 GB verion and I was wondering if there was (or could be) a program that allowed me to do this on my ipad?

Both work and home computers are Windows XP operating systems. This might also be a way around the lack of Flash as well, if it was possible.


Windows XP
  • ShadyMac Level 4 (1,250 points)
    Company or Enterprise VPN is there to access company files but to my knowledge not to VCN or desktop sharing apps like Goto My PC
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    I would love this as well. Without multitasking though, I don't know how it could be implemented yet. I mean, I can see running an app that would establish a vpn connection, but then you'd need another app to run to do remote desktop (or the like). Maybe someone can develop a single app that does both !!

    Anyway, yeah, I'd love the ability.
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    iPad supports some VPN solutions, look in the settings app. Doesn't support Nortel, and quite a few others though, you'll have to check with your IT dept. to see what vendor supplies their VPN solution and do some research.

    As for RDP, once you have a VPN connection, there are quite a few apps for that.

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    What I found works pretty well is to VNC from my iPad to my MacBook Pro and then VPN into work. All of our VPN solutions at work are based around Java or ActiveX plugins which wouldn't work with the iPad.
  • Tulse Level 5 (5,790 points)
    The service LogMeIn offers remote access to PCs and Macs through an iPad app.
  • Inachu Level 1 (10 points)
    There are remote desktop tools that I use on my ipad and they work just fine.
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    Great! So this may be possible

    I think the place where I work uses Cisco VPN software, so hopefully I can get this working....when the 3G Ipads come out...
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    The Cisco IPsec VPN client is built-in - both for the 3G and wifi operation/version iPad.
    In order to RDP to your Windows Desktop, you'll need your IP and then download an RDP client from the App Store; there are several available from 'free' to about $25, depending on your desire for feature richness, and polish.

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    I've been using the iPad app called Desktop Connect, and it has been working fine. I can access everything on my SONY laptop running Windows Vista 64-bit, and loaded with all kinds of software. Depending on the version of your XP (i.e., if it's not Pro), you may need to download and install the free VNC server from TightVNC. The only negatives, which you might surmise, are a slight reaction delay in your rendered image, as well as the clumsiness of navigating with your finger instead of a mouse. But it does get the job done when you have to have that remote access.
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    Is "Desktop Connect" the only app that can connect to Windows Remote Desktop? (That is, you don't have to install a separate client).

    There appear to be many options available that require their own client (RDM+ for example).

    Unfortunately, my workplace uses CheckPoint VPN, which I don't think is set up for use with the iPad/iPhone.
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    The direct desktop app does not support or address the VPN portion of the problem though, correct (if the built-in ipad vpn wont work that is)?