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I have a small annoyance with my 2009 (Nehalem) Mac Pro I am wondering if someone can help with, or suggest something, please:
The Mac Pro does not auto-sleep; ever. I have played around with the sleep time settings, and enabled or disabled the 'sleep drives' option, but to no avail. Mac Pro will stay on, no matter if I am logged on OR even on the 'log on users' screen.
That said, I can sleep the Mac Pro manually at any time, and without any problems; it stays asleep without a hitch, and wake-up is flawless.

There is nothing in the console log that would tell me why the auto sleep doesn't function. I deleted the sleep plist and re-set, but again, no change.

Any ideas? Not sure what could signal the system to not do auto-sleep?
It's running 10.6.3.


Mac Pro Nehalem 2.93, 16GB, GTX 285, MacBook Pro 2.8, 4GB, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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