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  • Darrel 1949 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just going to General-Reset - Reset Network Setting on the iPad will probably work and you will not lose any of your other setting. At least in I-06 .

  • OldPhysicsGuy Level 1 (0 points)

    The wifi on my 16 Gig iPad2 had become very slow.  I tried updating it to iOS 6, and it completely quit working.   I was about to toss it in the trash in disgust, when I saw this post. -  About a month ago I had tried a bluetooth keyboard on my iPad - only  once - but I left the bluetooth on.   When I saw this post I turned off the bluetooth on my iPad and full wifi functionality was restored instantly.  

  • Vector2nds Level 1 (0 points)

    I had slowness on iPad 4th gen also after about two weeks and was tired of the call center answer and transfers. I solve it myself today after just posting about 20 minutes ago. I just set my ip to manual setting and changed it to a higher range ip that I think other network device is not using and surprise to me in app went from less than (1 Mbps upload or download) to over (17Mbps download speed/ 4Mbps upload speed). Not as fast as my pc network speed but still better than before. Just make sure you have copied all the same for subnet, dns, just change the ip address itself only. Probably the ultimate solution later is to let setup DHCP server change ip address once a day

  • Angiebb Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi everyone, I am new to this so can you please bear with me.


    My ipad 2 is very slow and I have run the speed test as suggested, results were


    Ping.          108ms

    Download.   0.23 Mbps

    Upload        0.28 Mbps


    Is this normal please ?  I checked the QoS and this is disabled,

    Thanks for any help

  • Vector2nds Level 1 (0 points)

    It's only normal if you are sharing a dial-up connection. Try changing the last octate under IP address>Static in wifi (the number on the far right) to something above 200 and below 255 like or what ever you want. You may want to copy the Subnet Mask, Router, DNS information so that you can copy over to Static address field. Once completed, use the app to test again to see if that correct your high speed internet connection. If it works then you should set up lease in your router for every 23 hours to renew ip address for your internet connected devices then set back to DHCP in wifi so that to autochange IP address every 23 hours or so.

  • Angiebb Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you, I am on broadband via cable and using a linksys router.  I think I have tried everything you said but there is no improvement,


    These were results

    Ping 335

    Download 0.42 Mbps

    Upload. 0.16 mbps


    Is there anything else I should try please ?

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    Have you tried upgrading your firmware on your linksys router. I don't think QOS should be disabled, reset back to stock configuration after router firmware update. Are you getting fast speed on your PC using website? If your not getttinng fast speed then it most likely not your iPad. If your cable modem is older than 2 years then you may want to upgrade that. Mine quit every two years, luckily I had an extra that my bro gave me.


    If you have fast speed on your pc, then you can try this. Other ways of using a Intel laptop as an access point is to have Intel My Wifi Utility to enable a hotspot function or ad hoc network using windows to test for your iPad to the pc. Just a thought.

  • TheDr1970 Level 1 (0 points)

    @Angie: The advice you have gotten so far is not very good here. If you read through the thread you will see that various things have fixed the problem.


    I would start by simplifying your router config. Turn off DHCP, assign a static IP to the iPad, turn off QoS(!!!!), turn off any form of encryption (WPA/WEP) and see if it helps. If not, then change the default channel of the router and lock the router into G-only (No A, B or N). These above things have solved the problem for many people (but not all). If this fixes your problem, then start turning on features 1 by 1 and see if you can break the iPad again.


    There is always the outside chance that your iPad is broken. The best way to tell this is to connect it to a Apple Airport router and test the speeds (maybe at an Apple store?). If the iPad gets fast then you will know for sure its your router.


    I even saw someone claim that when their brightness is all the way up their wifi signal goes down. Sounds crazy but maybe try it. I can tell you this for sure... QoS has been a huge issue for a lot of people so make sure its off.

  • Vector2nds Level 1 (0 points)

    Carefull Dr. that you don't bash everyone that is trying to help. Oh.. to late.

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    I recently upgraded my cable to Ultimate at 50mbps Dn and 5 up. I have a linksys e4200 router. All my computers and laptop are doing 50 but my Apple products Ipad and Iphones don't go higher than 18. None drop the signal but I would expect them to runa at least close to 50mbps. I called Linksys but they say it's not a problem on their end.

    Any ideas??!

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    @Vector2nds: I have been an IT professional for 28 yrs. I am not bashing the person, I am bashing the advice given since it is not very good.

  • Vector2nds Level 1 (0 points)

    Your starting to decend on a slippery slope Dr. when you put "professional" and relate yourself to bashing. Just shush and help instead commenting on someones advice.

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    Just wanted to add that I am having connectivity issues since the 6.0.1 update and it has nothing to do with a wireless router. Unless every wireless router I've been on is set up incorrectly. The issue occurs irrespective of what wifi network I am on and what type it is.

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    @Vector2nds: When I saw you sending Angie down the wrong path, I felt compelled to respond. I am on a few threads that discuss this issue and QoS has clearly been one of the key things to cause a problem. For you to say, "reset your router and don't worry about QoS" is bad advice. I also deal with Apple on a corporate (enterprise) level. I have met with their engineers about this exact problem. Sorry. not trying to make you feel stupid, but your advice was incomplete.


    @next_exit: I have heard of 6.0 upgrade breaking wifi. The only person I have heard that fixed this claimed they lowered their brightness (allegedly used less power) and the signal went back up. It's hard for me to buy this solution but I guess its possible. There still must be some connection with ios or bios that can affect this issue.

  • Vector2nds Level 1 (0 points)

    I proved my point about your slippery slope downward of professionalism and every time you post. Stop already before it to late.

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