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I bought my iphone 3 days ago, and i can hardly get a signal. It just keeps on "searching.." which is draining the life out of my battery.
i have restored my iphone, changed the simcard, reset the network settings several time.. and nothing.
I have made an appointment at the apple store, but can't get in for another 3 days.
so at the moment its just like a fat ipod.
has anyone else had this problem with their iphone?

iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    I had exactly the same problem about 1 month after purchasing an iphone 3G. Took it back and it was replaced due to a 'known hardware problem' unfortunately I cannot help further on what the problem was but I had no issues with apple replacing the unit.
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    Interesting, i have had my iphone for over 8mo, and no problems with the signal until a month ago, it would randomly go to searching for signal, even when im in Green coverage area. My iphone is (as i type this) being replaced with a new one from apple.