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I just bought a white unibody macbook. Its my first day using it.
What i've seen so far is that a few programs have been freezing. But that wasnt too much of a problem. But all the sudden the mac froze and the screen started turning white until it was all white. The music still played as normal. I had to press the button in order to turn it off. It also seems a bit slow when i press icons and doesn't always respond the first time i click.
I'm just a bit worried that my new mac might have a problem or if this is just something that happens every now and then and that i should forget about it?
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    From your description, it sounds like you may have had a kernel panic. When you say the screen went white and you had to "press the button in order to turn it off", do you mean that when the screen went white, a message came up in several languages telling you to press the button to turn it off?

    Have you installed any program on it since you got it? If not, I would suggest that you bring it back and have it replaced. Kernel panics are not something you should expect (provided that is what you were describing).

    You should not be experiencing any freezing or response issues either.

    If you have installed programs, it is possible that it/they may have compatibility issues. If you have installed something, let us know what it is.
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    A message didn't come up. But it really wasn't much else to do than to turn it off.
    I installed a few programs. MSN, Open office, Solitaire and Spotify.
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    Now i started my mac and opened some programs. MSN, solitaire and open office. Then, when i clicked on iPhoto, the computer froze, the screen slowly turning white. When i closed the screen and opened it again everything worked as normal.
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    If you just bought the computer, return it for a replacement or repair right away.

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    Ok thanks =) but.. Do i actually have to return it to an apple store myself? Because i live two hours away from one and won't have the chance to get there for months.
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    You can call Apple and ask for a box to be sent to your house as well.

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    Thank you for your answers =)
    I called Apple now and was told to update the machine and press some buttons while turning it on. So we'll see if that solves the problem. Hopefully it will.