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  • IT Network Admin Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes to all. Downtown, convention centers and the airport are particularly bad. Starbucks is not as bad.


    AM and FM radio are generally fine.


    Wi-Fi and cell towers are the worst.


    LCD monitors emit no RF (radio frequency) radiation - only LF (low frequency).


    That said, once you are sensitive to RF you are also sensitive to LF. I am aware of people who can't use a computer because they are very sensitive to the LF.


    Microwave ovens, which use the same frequency as most Wi-Fi routers are very problematic for those who are very sensitive.

  • frankie1122 Level 1 (5 points)

    :-( that sounds pretty bad. But it looks like it's mostly the higher frequencies that are problematic.


    Anyone ever try to design clothing to shield out the higher frequency em radiation? Higher frequency should be pretty easy to shield. Maybe some sort of fine wire mesh lined into the clothing and hats :-) A very thin layer should do the trick.

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    I actually feel very strong low frequecies as well.


    Could not understand at a client that had no Wi-Fi why I was feeling affected in a certain office. Turns out it was directly over the power room for the building. My gauss meter confirmed this before I found out.

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    Also, there are Prius owners that are getting sensitive from the fields inside the car. That's LF.

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    Your dizziness is most probably due to the radiofrequency (microwave) emitted by the iPad. When you use iPad to access the internet, eveytime the iPad refreshes a page, it sends radiating microwave signals. Also, whether you are connected to a Wi-Fi network or not, as long as your "Wi-Fi" feature is turned on on the iPad, your iPad is sending out a high level of microwave signals EVERY FEW SECONDS, even tho you cannot see it. Take a look at these videos and the description:

  • bondibase Level 1 (0 points)

    That's absurd. iPads do not emit ionizing radiation. It's the visual impact that causes the problem.

  • Technocity Level 1 (0 points)

    They used to think that ionizing radiation was not harmful and put X-ray machines in shoe stores to check foot sizes... Then people got sick and they realized it's harmful.


    They also used to think that non-ionizing radiation was not harmful. Then people have gotten sick and scientists discovered that non-ionizing radiation (from powerlines, radiowaves, microwave such as cell phones and cell towers) can also damage DNA, organs, and lower people's immunitiy. It also causes infertility.


    Last year, the IARC (Interntaional Agency on the Research of Cancer) of the World Health Organization classified "radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted from wireless communication devices" as Type 2B Possible Carcinogens to Humans. They have subsequently clarified that this classification includes not only cellphone frequency, but other similar frequencies such as WiFi, smart meters and cell base stations (cell towers) etc. If the IARC experts panel had considered the risk of such non-ionizing radiationnon-existent and that it's harmless, they would have classified it as Group 4 "Probably not carcinogenic to humans", or Group 3 "Not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans". Instead they chose to make it a 2B so that we, the general public, can take heed and take precaution.


    I always wondered why our governments (especially USA and Canada) are not taking more action to protect citizens (or at least issue more stern warnings like some other European countries have). Then I learned that our governments earn BILLIONS of $$$ each time they license off a portion of the radiofrequency spectrum for commercial use. It makes no monteary sense for them to associate such technology with health risks.


    I don't think wireless devices will disappear any time soon, but people need to be aware of the risk and use it with proper caution (such as not putting an emtting ipad next to a child's head when they sleep...). Don't laugh. Today a parent told me that's what she does, so that the 5-year-old can listen to bedtime stories from the ipad. It's not the parent's fault.

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    Unfortunately it is the Non -Ionizing Radiation which is the problem for me,... now!


    And so for the 260.000 in Sweden registered with EHS, thats 6% of the population. ( 5 years ago )

  • very_unhappy_with_apple Level 1 (0 points)

    Awesome! Now I don't have to spend $500 a day Buying crack to get high!

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    Radiation exposure is perfectly normal for humans. The sun and the space protected by the magnetic field, and the ground. Most people have quite high tolerances to all types of radiation. Of course radiation kills but so does pretty much everything else. Flicker however is completely unnatural and probably affects the inner ear and causes dizziness among other things.


    Now most of tye people are complaining that they only have a problem with few devices, most of them being ok for use. Now, do you think the radiation levels explqin the variation between devices? I can't see how.. But I do see the flicker and the worse the flicker the worse the nausea and headache. My samsung however is good enough. Less radiation with 3g and bluetooth and wifi compared to ipad2's plain wifi? Maybe radiation is the cure then!


    Blaiming everything on Ef radiation is absurd. It does apply to some cases, not all.

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    Sweet, does this mean I no longer need to wear my tinfoil hat while cooking a chimiconga in the microwave?  Just think, since I never do my own research and ask rather than seek anwsers, I could have saved thousands of dollars in tin foil....  The 80s were scary times.  Thanks for setting this ridiculous notion back on track of mild normalcy.

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    Correct that "Flicker however is completely unnatural and probably affects the inner ear and causes dizziness among other things." Just like cellphone or Wifi's "pulsed" microwave is more harmful than the sun's radiation.


    There are many variables causing some people to be more sensitive to certain type of electromagnetic radiation. There are genetic differences.


    Problem is that our environment is now blanketed by many layers of such frequencies and people who are sensitive can hardly escape. Those who are not sensitive cannot understand. I don't see any normalcy in laughing at people who feel sick.


    From what I've measured, safe distance from the microwave oven in cooking mode is about 18 feet. Tin foil hat doesn't really help . But you don't have to believe it. Enjoy your chimiconga and microwave bath!

  • ppysam Level 1 (0 points)

    You are not alone. I started to have vertigo 9 months ago . I think that happened after I got the i pad. I realize that if I spend excessive time of eading or watching video , it will come. Sleeping becomes the key to overcome that.

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    intresting i had wifi problems on my ipad and i was on the latest ios but that stil did not help and the problem is my router so far the best router i had is the netgear works the best and its fast se if you can reprogram you router to work on open chanel i had D-link and every time i password protect it always re fresh and disconect my ipad every 5/4 minutes try you router and one more thing about dizzy or feeling weard go and check you eye's that is proboly why you are filling weard.

  • karsoph Level 1 (0 points)


    I bought the ipad 1 and I got so nauseated and had a bad headache even when the wifi was off I had to return it...the mac air gave me no problems...All I was doing was downloading movies and tv programs from the itunes for my 3 year I thought maybe it was the wifi because generally I dont' have it on in the house but even when I shut it off and my daughter was using the barbie app-I was sitting beside her ...I had to lie down on the couch beside her because I felt awful...once I returned it to the apple store after many hours I felt much better and I have been fine since...too bad because I really like it:(

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